Reply To: Favorite ink and watercolor supplies

I have several brands of watercolors and I love them all, you might call me a watercolor hoarder…lol.  Some have one or two colors I may like more then the other brands but I really love them all.  W&N, Holbein, Mission, QOR, M.Graham.  I am partial to W&N’s French Ultra Marine.

My favorite brush’s are Escoda Reserva, I only have a couple small ones as they are so expensive.  Princeton Aqua Elite & da Vinci Watercolor Series 5580 CosmoTop are some of the brushes I use.

Rembrandt soft pastels, Turquoise graphite pencils & Charcoal are some other items I use.

Paper- Arches, W&N, Lanaquarelle.. Cold press 140 lb