Reply To: Travel Brush opinions?

Jill Gustavis

Not sure where you would be shipping to, but if international shipping is an option for you, also take a look at Rosemary & Co. I really enjoy the 2 travel brushes I have from them. The medium squirrel mop is lovely, holds a LOT of water and has the tiniest tip, but I do have trouble fitting the big belly back into the sleeve without either crimping a stray hair or two, or resleeving it soaking wet. The R9 sable is wonderful though. I have a no6 which may be a bit large for your miniatures, but good for general ‘small’ work. I too don’t work that large. I’ll be looking at their site again when I can add a few more.

I also have an Escoda Reserva no4. which is good for small, but you may have to work very carefully to do the miniatures. The tip was good for it, but I had to make sure I didn’t put any pressure on it and start to spread out the belly.

As for synthetics, I have a few Prado brushes from Escoda, and they behave a lot like the Da Vinci Cosmotop line, if you’ve ever used them. Very springy, not as thirsty as a natural. I prefer them when I do lettering or folk style pieces and I want crisp edges versus any soft blending. If you want a softer edge, there’s also the Escoda Versatil line, I have a regular brush in a no8 which I enjoy and I’m sure the smaller sizes are just as nice.

Hope any of my experience can help, although I still switch up which I prefer based on my mood/work, so there may not be a clear answer until you’ve tried a few. Haven’t tried the Cheap Joes or DaVinci travels yet. Because of the cost and ethical concern associated with naturals, I’d love to find a synthetic to effectively replace them eventually. I’ll definitely be following along to the other replies!

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