Reply To: Travel Brush opinions?

Hi everybody, sorry late in replying, puppy has been in the ER lately. She’s fine now. I get my orders from Zecchi via FedEx. I think it depends where you live in the States on how they ship it.  I spent a few months in Italy on two different occasions, and fell in love with their store. I have their Silverpoint materials,  a set of their watercolors,  and some of the rough charcoal of the type that Michelangelo used. I’m not a professional artist, just a hobbyist and collector of unusual and fine art materials. I ordered from Zecchi to be reminded of the times I spent in Italy and especially in Florence. Also, like one of Florence’s perfumeries (Santa Maria Novella), the store has been there for centuries and that gives me a smile. It’s like a connection, a camaraderie, if you will, through the ages, with artists 🙂