Reply To: Travel Brush opinions?

Peggy Berk

Zecchi Travel BrushesTonya – The Zecchi brushes are just beautiful. They load a lot of paint though I have found that the largest (*size 8) tends to release a bit too much of a bead immediately upon touching dry paper.  In general I’m finding them a bit softer than my other sables and there seems to be a much greater variance from one size to the next than I’m used to seeing in other lines. [I don’t know how well you can see this in the photo??]

Overall, they are pretty nice to paint with – especially the two smaller ones. The #4 will definitely become one of my favorites.

Craftsmanship is outstanding. The brushes are very well made – as is the beautiful wood case.  I especially like that the case incorporates a stand.  I often paint spontaneously on site and have a habit of just using a single brush – even when another would work better – because there’s no where to easily rest a second brush.  I think I will find the incorporated stand very helpful.

Tonya, I hate to do this to you knowing what a battle the  #brushfetish thing can be,  but you being a sable person and loving high quality supplies,  I should think you are going to have to get one of these sets 😉

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