Reply To: Travel Brush opinions?

I am not categorizing any choice as good or bad, and frankly, the only way to not harm the environment is to do sit meditation all day!  Cleansers, pigments (in our water supply), iridescent paints (also bad for aquatic life), and even paper company’s manufacturing practices have poor environmental impact (not Hahnemuhle, a big plus for me.)  For myself, I choose to use animal products where the entire animal is used, and so avoid certain brushes.  I have synthetics which are still good for artist painting after many years, and then move to the conservation business where they are used for restoration of antiquities in everything from glues to historic paint applications — a long life.  Recycle, recyle, recycle!

I loved the older Leow-Cornells but am so-so about the Golden Taklon series, too soft, though I have two rounds I haven’t sent on to their second life.  It is so nice to be able to try a brush out, and wish more stores would allow it!  I have Joe’s on my list to try.