Reply To: Painting in the shadow

Jennifer McLean

Hi Thomas. The biggest thing I’ve learned about shadows is to not overwork them, lol. Much harder to do than say. Also, I never use black, I use carbazole violet, paynes grey blue shade (schmincke) and Neutral tint (schmincke) but I also start with the color of the object first, close to the object. If I remember, I’ll also use it’s opposite. Then I wet the area i want to be a shadow (a little) then add the darkest shade into the very close shadow area, just touch it to the somewhat wet paper and let it move. Help it along and remember to take off the paint from your paintbrush after adding that  dark paint, dab paint brush so it’s still damp but less wet than the juicy paint you just laid down, you don’t want backwash by having more “water” in one area than another. Try not to play too much. GO back and darken closest to the subject again after all is mostly dry or totally dry. Shadows are always darker than you think. Hope this helps!

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