Reply To: Share Your Favorite Art Supplies!

That’s awesome!! Yeah, M. Graham is great… I’ve been using them a lot over the past couple years and they’re a wonderful paint. I actually got the chance to tour Da Vinci Paint Co. while on holiday this weekend and got to see the process of making paints. It’s amazing! I had no idea what went into it! (also love Da Vinci as well, they rewet just as easily and have the same vibrant colors at a good price… I’ve been alternating between the two lately! hehe… Da Vinci is a bit more forgiving if you want to lift paint since it has a rewetting agent to keep it pliable, but without the honey that’s tougher to rework once it’s on the paper. I tend to get enthusiastic while painting and make a lot oopsie daisies! 😊lol).