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Sandra Strait

Hope I’m replying to right thread.  By the time I scroll down to write my reply, I half forget what I was thinking and who I was responding too, lol .  $65 isn’t too bad for 18 paints.  Bad enough, but I’ll have to see if I can swing it.  Schminke is one of the brands I don’t have yet, and I’ve wanted to try it.  This would be a good set.  Maybe if enough of us who do reviews are able to get it, we could do a hop sort of thing where we send our readers to each others blog.  That should help get the companies attention too.  Do you know who distributes Schminke (I think I’m misspelling that) in your country?  I’ve found that often if you want to get product for review, it is the distributing companies who are looking for reviewers rather than the company who makes the product.

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