Reply To: DIY Travel Palettes

Jennifer McLean

you and I seem very similar. ;o) Spooky. Yes, I only have a small amount of space and NO studio. Oh what I’d give to have my own studio! In fact, I’ll be reviewing toned sketchbooks from at least four main suppliers who’ve gotten back to me. In those I’m going to draw up my dream art studio from a bird’s eye view. I can’t wait to try the new Nova Stillman & Birn paper. I keep my palette as small as possible too because I just don’t have enough real-estate. I made up the qor specifically because I could remove the lid and put it on the bottom of the palette. Then I use a porcelain palette so it washes up perfectly. The qor fits on top of that porcelain palette. Then water in my masterson water well and it all fits in a 2.5 x 1.5 foot space. Let me go find the link for the porcelain

porcelain paletteI LOVE this, I sit the Qor palette (the one that the lid comes off) over the three part back and it overhangs the middle a little. So I have four wells plus more than half of the center. I put water in opposing corners of the four wells and 3-8 puddles in the main middle depending on how many colors I need. I use that yellow water holder that you have in your qor now. It’s awesome with the masterson water rinse well. here’s the link.

The rinse well is my most coveted thing, I cannot imagine painting without it. I never have to go get more water!

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