Reply To: DIY Travel Palettes

Hmmm, interesting. Oh, first, the schmincke comes with 12 colors which works out to about $2 per 1/2 pan, normal price is over $10. which paints do you use now? Schmincke, in my opinion are the best on the market, them and Daniel smith. Everyone else is more opaque, more opacifiers. I know many love Sennellier (Misspelled, lol) and M. Graham but I just find they’re drying time in and out of the pan annoying. And I’m in Canada where it’s fairly dry, I’ve heard in Australia and the like you just cannot use them as the honey doesn’t dry. I do love some of their colors though and have two or three of them, MG and S.

I think a bloghop would be fun! I am just working now to monitize my site. I am upgrading to hosted wordpress so I can seamlessly be an amazon associate. I agree with your supposition about who is the supplier in one’s own country but thank god suppliers so far have not been prejudiced against me in Canada. Stillman & Birn, Hahnemühle, Strathmore, Global arts and probably Canson will be sending paper samples and didn’t care about the canadian thing but I think it would be wonderful to have a connection to Schmincke. I’m hoping that everyone who buys a custom set from wet paint will mention that I sent them. They don’t have an affiliate program but I would love to build a relationship as I love their policies and customer service. I’d love to be an ambassador for them.

No idea if this is THE supplier, but it’s one…

I would definitely participate in the schmincke blog hop. Wonder if we could get sponsorship from paper companies and do giveaways? Just a thought.