Reply To: DIY Travel Palettes

Hahahahahaha!!! Ok, totally laughing at that. ME TOO. I make mud all the time. I’m starting to chuck colors I usually would have loved because of the mud they make in mixes… I’m looking at YOU daniel smith sap green!! I look for single pigment AND transparent. I lean toward transparent even heavier than I do single pigment. On that thought I’m giddy when I find a new color that’s one I’d use that’s transparent AND a single color. I still have to check the primatek’s for transparency.

It’s taking all my might to start to NOT mix too much. I am trying to find a balance, which is forcing me to learn my colors to the extent that Jane Blundell, the paint guru on the web, lol. I have to know whats in th paint, how transparent etc to know whether to use it as a mixer. I tend to use a color and “tweak” it, not truly mix my own colors, until recently.

Ok, so here’s my question.. how do you become an ambassador to a company? I’m dying to know.