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Sandra Strait

You know, it’s hit or miss with the giveaways.  Usually I average around 50 entries, but I usually get about 400 or 500 hits.  I don’t know if they just come for the review and don’t care for the product, or just assume they’d never win.

Sometimes though, I’ll get maybe 3 entries and about 50 hits.  Some of that has to do with the time of the year.  I’m waiting for September to launch my FB group because summer time is slow.  I’ll slow down again in November, and die until January because of the holidays.  But sometimes it is just that I misjudge what my readers are interested in.

I’ve got an Excel Spreadsheet where I put my Blogger and Flickr stats and break them down by the type of post – watercolor, ballpoint pen, Zentangle, etc.  It helps me choose the giveaway item better if I’m going to spend money, or am trying to promote for a company’s product.

I decided on the Micron case, because I know that almost every type of my reader likes those pens, and that case is coool.  I really like mine, and I immediately bought another for the giveaway.  Usually, though, my personal giveaways are items that I’ve won or got as part of a bundle from a company.  When I got the Sakura bundle, I gave away three of the items.  I think it helps my readers feel like they are part of my good luck and that’s good, because they are.  I think it also shows the company in question that you are going to promote your their product.  The best thank you for any generosity!

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