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Sandra Strait

Well, my house shows the neglect.  I don’t have children or pets (I really miss the pets! But we’re waiting til hubby retires).   Quite frankly, I rode the wave with Zentangle.  I started tangling just as the technique was becoming popular.  I was obsessing and got tired of waiting for new patterns so I made up my own.  A lot of other people were getting tired of waiting too, so they came flocking to my blog and a lot of them have stayed with me, even though Zentangle isn’t my main focus anymore.

There is a lot of luck involved in the timing of that kind of thing.  I haven’t been looking to make big money, just share my work and lessen the cost of buying art supplies, lol.  I think I’ve pretty much done what I’ve set out to do.

I probably would have written a Zentangle book but the Zentangle company makes their money by selling a Zentangle certification.  I never wanted to pay that money or follow the rules they set.  Non certified people who have written Zentangle books have been given deep grief – not by the company, but by the people who paid for certification.  I don’t agree with their attitude, but didn’t feel it was worth the hassle.  Mind you, I’m good friends with many of the CZTs,  most are very nice people.  There are always a few trolls in every apple barrel though.

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