Reply To: DIY Travel Palettes

nope but I knew her when she first started and encouraged her to go for it, lol. When I saw her title on your blog I remembered. I must admit, after all these years I’d forgotten her name. Lovely to see someone succeed so well. I’d say thats when I was tangling too, just before I started painting. I was afraid to start painting, I wanted it so much I was afraid I wouldn’t be good enough and my dream would die. So I put it off by starting a high end wedding cake business, did that for around 8 years then Zentangles. Here’s a link to my cakes. The flowers are handmade out of cold porcelain and hand painted with food friendly powder colors. I still have all the tools but it wasn’t my passion, I wanted to paint. Strangely it was a natural talent, the flowers, I was totally self taught and actually went against the professionals and their books to do it al my own way. Flickr