Reply To: DIY Travel Palettes

I have lots of time on my hand, I can’t work right now, I have endometrial cancer. it’s a long story but short is they said the bleeding 5 years ago couldn’t be cancer as I was too young. But the meds they gave me to stop the bleeding was an obesogen, it makes you fat. I had, at that same time figured out I had celiac disease, after more than 40 years of being undiagnosed. That had made me very over weight. When stopping the gluten (which is in EVERYTHING processed, it’s a non clumping agent, sweetener, thickener, starch, etc) I lost 12 pounds in 12 weeks. yes you read that right. I then gained almost every single pound even though I ate only 1000 calories a day. Then this januaary I figured out it must be the meds and re-researched them. 5 years ago there was nothing, now there was a huge amount of info about it working to stop bleeding but it causing huge weight gain. It’s used for cancer patients who are wasting away, making them gain weight even though they can’t eat much. When I went off the meds last Nov. I started hemorrhaging again. NOW they said it’s cancer. But I have to lose all that weight before they’ll operate!!! I know, seems unfair. So, I have six months with nothing to do but diet. It’s been a huge learning curve on how to be uber healthy. It’s working, I’ve lost almost 100 but still need more, I have asthma AND celiac so I have to be thin for them to operate or I’ll die on the table, not good. They’re no help in the weight loss stuff though.