Reply To: DIY Travel Palettes

Jennifer McLean

hehehe, I was the flower artist and decorator, the cake was made by a professional that I used exclusively. I find it funny that all the time I was testing new flavors, I was celiac, every little piece of cake to tweak my unique flavors with my amazing baker made me sicker and sicker. Mom’s favorite of all time was vanilla cake with vanilla syrup and raspberry cream cheese filling in two layers and one layer of white chocolate ganache. She’s celiac too, we only figured it out this month! Of course she’s been following me in this diet/life changing journey. We share accommodations. I don’t know what I’d do without her. I’ve been so sick so many times as I healed from the celiac. It’s amazing how sick one ingredient can make you. It probably gave me this cancer.  Celiac being an autoimmune disease attacks the body, muscles, joints, brain and gut. It’s systemic and notorious. So few people understand it’s NOT a fad. I’m thrilled that people are getting better by following the GF diet but it’s not a joke to us celiacs.

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