Reply To: DIY Travel Palettes

Jennifer McLean

you’re so right. Wheat today has seven times the gluten in it. Also, gluten is truly in almost everything except untouched on ingredient food. Now they’re changing some things but when I was diagnosed it was in marinades, deli meat, baking powder, medications, coating on fries to make crisper and look browner, butterball turkey, it’s injected and used in almost every produced product. And then there’s the cross contamination. Hundreds of years ago bread was a treat, it was hard to make, you had to grind the wheat first. Now we take everything healthy out of the grain and what we start with is grown in a soup of pesticides and is a variety that humans haven’t eaten for these hundreds of years. Did you know that the latest research is showing that alzheimer’s may be the third type of diabetes? Diabetes of the brain. They think it may be exacerbated by all the nitrates in our food as a preservative. The incidence of alzheimer’s has risen in the same relation as nitrates in our food. So scary.

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