3 Raphael Soft Aqua Brushes

  • Hi Everyone!

    I have 3 Raphael Soft Aqua brushes in sizes 4 Round, 8 Round, and 3/0 Quill or Mop. I purchased them since I wanted to try their synthetic squirrel option, but I just don’t reach for them as I have similar options from the Neptune line that I prefer. The sizes (as you can see in the picture I’ve attached, run a little off, the rounds are more like 2 & 4.

    I’m looking to swap the 3 as a bundle (around $22 @ Blick) for a trade of around the same value. I package everything so that it won’t get damaged (no bent bristles unlike Amazon) and ship USPS First Class with tracking within the USA.

    My go-to brushes now are Princeton Neptune synthetic squirrel, Da Vinci squirrel, Rosemary & Co. sable and squirrel, Escoda Reserva sable, Escoda Versatil synthetic sable, and Princeton Velvetouch synthetic sable.

    I’m open to alternative trades (paint, supplies, paper, etc.) as well. I just listed my brush preferences since sometimes it’s easier to judge fair value when you’re trading the same type of product. Then again, these brushes are literally just sitting around taking up space in my holder so I’m open minded if you’ve have some interesting cards in your deck! Only thing I’m really not interested in up front is student grade paints/paper (I have plenty) and the very stiff synthetic brushes (like Da Vinci Cosmotops), I have a few and they’re not my favorite.

    I’ve attached a photo below with the 3 brushes being offered and samplings of their markings (paper is a cheap cellulose). Alongside are some brushes on the right that should give you a good idea of their size.

    Thanks for reading,

    Jill Gustavis

    Raphael brushes with Comparison brushes

    How soft are they?

    I’m not interested in the mop but will keep an eye on this.  I’m not fond of Princeton Neptune so unless someone takes them all perhaps a different trade — but let’s see.

    Hi Kate,

    They’re VERY soft. Think squirrel with fabric softener. 😉  I think they’d be good for very loose work, but since I work in-between loose and tight (with more tight work overall) they didn’t fit into my practice.

    THANKS then I will definitely pass!

    No problem! Thanks for checking it out 🙂

    I know this post is from a very long time ago. Do you still have the brushes?

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