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    Posted a pic in Beginners group a couple of days ago, showed on newsfeed no probs. But doesn’t show in my profile. Is there a way of transferring the image from the group to my profile, or do I need to re-post?

    It looks like in your post you used the Image icon at the lower right of the post box to add the photo (man and camel, correct?). These images are just for viewing within the group and don’t go to either the group gallery or your gallery in your profile. (this functionality is there so people can upload images of supplies and other things that aren’t paintings without having them go to the watercolor gallery). So yep… if you want it to be in the watercolor gallery and available to add to your albums, then you’ll need to repost it using the “+Paintbrush” icon at the top right of the post box or, even better, just go directly to the Album you’d like to add it to in your profile, and add it there. It will repeat in the News feed, but simply that you’d added it to an album! 😉


    Cheers Charlie


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