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  • Art related, not art related but inspiring, or just entertaining — enable my wish list with new blood?

    I just finished Local Color, which makes me want to do palettes for everywhere I go.  In the same vein, Mountaineers Books just released Colors of the West by Molly Hashimoto, and I’m kind of obsessing over the previews of it.  Anybody got that one that can tell me how good it is?

    The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling by John Muir Laws is one of eight books I kept a physical copy of when I did a big book purge this year.  Because it’s amazing.  Same with anything by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

    Tell me what you’re reading! 🙂

    Do you have the Laws Sketchbook for Nature Journaling? It isn’t really made for watercolor, but has nice paper, and all sorts of info in the back.  My latest art read is ‘Awaking Beauty: The Art of Eyvind Earle’.  Before that it was ‘Chinese Landscape Painting Techniques for Watercolor’ & ‘Chinese Watercolor Journeys With Lian Quan Zhen’, ‘Painting Watercolor Flowers That Glow’ by Jan Kunz, and ‘Watercolor Without Boundaries’ by Karlyn Holman.  There have been some others that I’ve picked up at the library, but I can’t remember them all.


    On my nightstand now: Watercolor Painting Outside the Lines (a positive approach to negative painting). Wait, now I need to actually TRY the exercises in the book.

    I have to admit that I’ve only done a few of the exercises.  I have a list of tutorials that I want to try that is taller than I am.  She has another book that I got out the library.  I can’t remember which one has the splatters of random masking fluid, but I really want to do that one, one of these days.

    The first book that really got me Seriously into sketching was “Keeping a Nature Journal” written by  Claire Walker Leslie. I still have it and enjoy it again and again. It not only got me into sketching nature but sketching everything.  And sketching daily.

    Oh gee, I just looked up Claire Walker Leslie again and she has written a few more books that I was not aware of. I think I’m getting one called, “The Curious Nature Guide”.

    Gee, I’m happy you started this thread or I would never have known. 😄


    Jean Haines, Atmospheric Watercolor. Beautiful loose style with lessons that make it look easy (for me, it’s not). I also have one of her videos. She creates lovely wet-in-wet beginnings and then makes flowers or animals emerge.

    Jean Haines work is amazing!

    Then there is all of Cathy Johnson’s books. She was a big influence on my art.

    Linda Kemp has some really cool stuff in her books.  Lots of practical ideas too.  She’s the one who turned me on to Strathmore’s Aquarius II paper.


    For those interested in natural history and/or botanical subjects, 3 books, all by Rosie Matin & Meriel Thurstan: Natural History Painting, Botanical Illustration Course, and Botanical Illustration for Beginners. 


    I forgot to add that I own and love the 3 books by Martin (spelled wrong above) & Thurstan I posted above. They contain beautiful art, lots of info on mixing colors, and instructions for specific projects. Not too expensive, either.

    When we moved from the country to the city, and downsized 4 years ago, I had to give away about 50 watercolour books. I did keep 33 books, though, that I thought would be most useful for techniques and inspiration. The one I’ve been reading most lately is “Creating Textures In Pen & Ink With Watercolor” by Claudia Nice. Lots of great information.

    Claudia Nice has written a ton of great books!


    Yes, I have and enjoy some of Claudia Nice’s books, too. One feature of her work is that she uses a technical pen, which I own but have yet to try.

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