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  • I was sorting through some stuff I hadn’t used in a long time and I discovered an Art Bag I’d totally forgotten about. I think it was hiding in the bottom of a box through 2 moves! It’s a North Light Book Club bag, and I received it as part of a promotion when I purchased some art books. A great many North Light books found their way to my library. I don’t know if the bag was ever offered for sale. I have no idea what  kind of material the bag is made from, but it feels like a cross between canvas and vinyl. It’s condition is like new.

    It’s ~ 9 1/2″ x 7″  and expands to a depth of 3″+. On the top is a small carry handle, or the bag can be worn as a fanny pack with the attached, adjustable belt. The bag has a double zipper opening. There are 3 sections inside. One is a zippered mesh, one is an open mesh section, and the third is a removable folder (attached with a velcro strip) that has several open pockets, as well as an area to hold 8 paintbrushes.

    On the back of the bag is a sleeve which can hold a small sketchbook ( 6″ x 8 3/8″ x 3/8″ deep).  Also included is a vinyl, foldable, water dish which has a handle for hanging.  I loaded the art bag with the small sketchbook, 2  25-page packages of 5″ x 7″ watercolour paper, 2 pan palettes, micron pens, a small package of watercolour paper  4 1/8″ x 5 3/4″,  8 paint brushes, and a 10-crayon tin of watercolour crayons. Even then, there was still room for more supplies.

    I shall upload photos here, but if you are interested in the Art Bag, I can send you several more photos. I’m interested in swapping for watercolour paper or paint. Thanks

    The above photo shows the folder section (removed from the bag) and some items used to show how it could be used. Behind  the open folder is the two halves of the bag showing a bit of the mesh bags.

    Above, the folder is shown closed in front of the open bag. On the left is the open mesh pocket. The zippered mesh pocket is on the right, holding watercolour paper and a pan palette.


    Hi, Susan. Does it have the North Light logo printed on the outside?

    Hey, I recognize that Altoids tin! hehehe. Nice case.

    Yes, Tonya, the logo is on the front.

    Yes, Jennifer, it’s a very special Altoid tin! lol

    What a great bag!  I use a bag that sits firm and is open… but not good for travel on a plane.


    What an awesome bag, Susan! Wow, it fits so much! I’ve been using something similar for a while now… but I just recently decided to treat myself and am having one custom made out of leather (on Etsy) to my specs. It is similar in design to the ‘This Is Ground’ Mod 3 case – something I’ve been drooling over for a while but couldn’t justify the price tag, $400! This version will be similar, but is less than half the cost of the Mod… plus I love the fact it’s handmade and can be customized.

    That sounds like a wonderful bag Beverly! What a nice treat! Will you post pictures once it’s finished? Hope so. Happy New Year!

    I certainly will, Susan. 🙂 I’m excited to get it. I take my painting kit with me to work daily at the hospital (I paint during my lunch breaks), so I wanted something that would hold up well and be a bit special. The artisan’s shop is – he offers some truly gorgeous leather and felt cases. He’s based in Prague and the case is made-to-order, so delivery will take a little while. But when it gets here I’m sure I’ll be snap happy and I will share some pics!

    Beverly, that looks like a fantastic Etsy seller. I can already dream up what I’d want, thanks for the link! Hope you LOVE your bag.

    Wow, what kinds of things are you looking for? I have a bunch of available used tubes of watercolor (QoR, W&N,, W&N Cotman, DS, Da Vinci–if you would like, I can type up a list) since I found out I like opaque colors and gouache better and I have two sizes of Arches cold pressed. 26cmx36cm (two sheets were used) and 23cmx31 (one is still sealed and one is about 2/3 full)

    Hi Ahley! Thanks so much for your reply. If you’re interested in the Art Bag, please email me at and we can chat about a swap. I like Qor, W&N, and DaVinci paints, and paper is fab, too, so if you can let me know what paints you have to trade, I’m sure we can come up with a happy swap. Maybe some paper and some paints if that’s good for you? PLMK. Thanks

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