Art Group Diary week 6

  • Thursday Oct 17th     week  six
    Another newbie arrived today so numbers are now up to ten.
    Which for the space is just about right,    the staff at  the centre had  already decided I might need a larger hall,   they found a few more tables for me.
    But from now until after Christmas there will have be a waiting list,  as I am off to Kenya in November, coming back three weeks before end of term.
    Last week I explained that  the students did not trace onto their painting paper only to tracing paper , then used a ruler to measure and draw the Goldfinch.
    I did wonder whether I would be asked as to why trace a picture if you are not going to trace down.   What actually came to me in the middle of the night,
    Was how they  were going to use the tracing,  my thoughts were they would use the tracing to lay over the drawing as they work on it just to check their measurements were correct.    It did work and this week they finished the bird.
    We also spent  a while playing with the watercoloured pencils  to  find out what happened if we used them in the  same way as wet on wet putting down colour then water,  results ok, but reversing the process,    the results were quite enlightening and they spent time checking all different ways of mixing the colours and making notes as to what was used and results.   Being newbies to art,  their thoughts on pencils are just to colour in between the lines, stress free.  Showing a couple of photos of work in progress.  Haven’t they done well??    To say I am thrilled with their work is an understatement…..
    Summer  term week 3  working on trees  (two students on holiday
    Autumn term week 6  ( two missing again)today
    I have posted their work into the gallery.

    Wow! A trip to Kenya! How exciting.  I love your idea of using tracing paper to check proportions.  I’ve used acetate in a similar way, with a pen that can be wiped off so the plastic can be reused.  Having the tracing paper would be nice to keep for later reference though.

    Thank you very much Sandra for your lovely comments,   I did think about acetate but i thought tracing paper is much cheaper and as you say makes a good reference for the future.

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