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  • This is a dedicate spot for art supply swaps. (UPDATE: add your swaps as a new topic in the main forum by clicking here!)

    Lately I’ve been swapping half pans.  As an example, I wanted to try Daniel Smith Hansa Yellow Medium PY97, but didn’t want a whole tube of it.  I put the call out in an Instagram post.  Someone had it and is swapping pans with me for Rembrandt watercolor that I have.  I’m sending her two colors she wants to try because I have enough to share.  I’ve swapped for half pans a few times with people.

    Seems like it would be easier to do this in a dedicated spot with kindred art and watercolor spirits.

    Some criteria that seems to help when making a swap.  Where you are located.  I’m in the US, so I swap in the US.  I let people know that I fill the half pan, let it dry a few days, and then I fill it again because of shrinkage, and I expect them to do the same.  I’m in Arizona, so things dry more quickly.  In other locations, pans may take longer to dry.  I also write the brand- something like DS for Daniel Smith, WN for Winsor & Newton, paint name and pigment(s) on the pan with a Sharpie. Not everyone is experienced with filling pans, so it helps to have filling criteria information.  I’ve got nine pans drying right now to send out to a few different folks that I’m swapping with.  I’ve swapped two pans-a Series 1 or 2, for one pan of a Series 4.  I’ve also just swapped pan for pan whatever the Series.  It depends on what you want, and your swap partner.

    Maybe you have an entire tube of something to swap.  This just made me think of the extra tube of M. Graham Sap Green that I have.  Anyone in need of  a 15 ml. tube of Sap Green?

    Swaps are self regulated.  You and your swap buddy make the swap and the rules of the swap.  It helps to swap email addresses, and further info that way.

    Brushes, books, art, sketchbooks, paper, palettes, pans, pens, tubes….just a few ideas.  It’s a great way to get to know people, build community and relationships, and fosters generosity of spirit.  And hopefully you get to try out some new things 🙂

    Best wishes,


    I sometimes buy perfectly good paints or other items that I find don’t work for me.  Unless Charlie says NIX, this might be a good place to post items you want to swap or sell.  I recently sold my Mayan paints greatly reduced (partially used but 3/4 tube of each left) and can now buy 1-2 new paints I love.  These would be partially used, or you bought two but don’t like what you have.

    Clean house don’t horde!


    I think you have a good idea, Kate.

    I think so too!

    I wish this had been here a few months back — I just sold all mine to a local store.

    But a new pile will form, unbidden, soon enough, I’m sure.  I think the dust bunnies have my credit card and order things when I’m not looking sometimes. 😀

    Nah, it’s not the dust bunnies.  It’s some kind of traveling credit card reader.  It flies over your house and KA-CHING! you’ve spent money without even knowing it.  I know this because it’s happened to me.  True life story.  Really.

    I got the idea of selling supplies from you with the yarn!

    Jessica did you see that I did this under tools (sale and swap?)  Can you move them together so we don’t have two places?

    This shows again how one thing we need is a better way to see all that is offered…. OOOH  Chaaaaar-leeeeee!

    Great minds and a great idea, so thought it needed it’s own Forum. Everything should be in one place now… I know “just enough to be dangerous” but I think it’s all together! hehe

    Awesome idea Kate 🙂

    Charlie is good at the behind the scene’s magic!

    Sounds like a great idea, Jessica, especially as there are so many members in the U.S.

    I’m in Canada, so maybe there are other Canadians with stuff to swap?

    You just say where you’re at and see if there are any takers.  Also, there might be people that are willing to swap in North America and international.   I was just putting down what I’ve done personally.  You never know 🙂

    Okay, I have the following to swap/sell, because either I don’t use it (DUI) or have two by accident (HAV2), and I can make a full pan/half pan/ or the tube:

    Daniel Smith Primatek Sleeping Beauty Turquoise (HAV2) — I can do a full pan, and have enough for three.

    Daniel Smith Primatek Black Tourmaline (DUI) — I can do a full pan, and have enough for two.  I like Hematite better and never reach for this.

    Daniel Smith Primatek Kyanite Genuine (some sparkle)(DUI) — I can do a full pan, and have enough for two.  I never reach for this.

    Daniel Smith Primatek Fuchsite Genuine (some sparkle)(DUI) — I can do a full pan, and have enough for two.  I never reach for this.

    Holbein Prussian Blue (HAV2) — can sell/swap the whole tube, or do half or full pans.

    I WANT full pans only, or tubes of:
    DS Prussian Green;
    DS Primatek Hematite Burnt Scarlet Genuine;
    DS Primatek Kingman Green Turquoise Genuine;
    DS Ziosite Genuine;
    Schmincke Watercolor 218 Translucent Orange.


    Hi all, I only have one full pan of Sleeping Beauty left, and the Fuchsite is gone.

    And BTW, I am open to MG colors, as I’ve not bought many of her paints.  Transparent is best for me.

      2 pans left

    2 pans left


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