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     Tao Barry 

    Hi Everybody,  I know I have not been posting very much recently but I have been a little busy working towards starting my own art group,            Today was the first class,  I had no idea how many people would turn up, although I had enquiries and interest via emails, I was not sure whether these would lead to anything.  Due to the fact that the class was being help at a centre,  which was used as a polling station.                      I was very surprised that by 10’o clock I had 4 people seated waiting for some instruction and all wanting to know how to draw     OOOOPS…..               Using four letters from the alphabet we drew stickmen, then we expanded into more men to make a scene (i.e. football game etc.)…. Then I asked them to draw as many shapes as they could think of.  Most drew 13, we did some squiggling, I asked them to turn their squiggles into something, and as you know all my squiggles always turn into mountains. Coffee breaks and chat to get details from all.   Second half…. to draw a rose from a picture I had done, they had the option of tracing but all said they would do it freehand…and used coloured pencils to finish off…So from a stickman to a rose colour picture I think   Didn’t they do well??     Sorry about this rampage but I have no-one else to share my feelings with my first adventure into teaching         I am putting my soap box away for a while…. thanks for listening      Tao

    This week’s class saw another 3 new members Join, but two members from last week didn’t come, a lot of flu in the area.   So again, I had 4 students,      So with a few more stickmen in moving poses, a ribbon with curves and crossovers showing how shading can make the difference to an object coming towards and going away from you, a few circles drawing different expressions using the emboli faces.    Showing how the shading in a circle can make it into an apple or orange, after coffee  —  And a couple of templates of flowers to draw, once again, all chose to do it free hand, showing the possibility of protentional artists. I think I am going to up my game and make things a  little more difficult to keep their interest.
    This week’s attendance was a little disappointing, but it did mean that the two that showed up did have more individual attention,
    We started thinking about landscapes and what items one would want within the picture,        I asked them to think about    skies –colour. weather –stormy or calm —situation- countryside-seaside-garden,    scenery-  flat or mountainous. etc.     They then drew their chosen landscape using watercolour pencils, and drew from their own imagination, which was a feat in its self, no copying.    Coffee break, then using water turned the paintings into watercolour, next week we start with watercolour and trees….      I had no idea how much time organizing a two-hour session for beginners would take; it’s almost a full time job but very satisfying.     Will keep you all informed It is so nice to be able to tell somebody my news, thank you all for your encouragement and lovely comments.    Very sorry for the lack of comments on all the lovely work on the gallery

    Today was the fourth week of my new art group, again no idea how many would turn up,     But on the stroke of ten in walks six students,  panic ….what I am going to do with 3 brand new students who wanted to learn to draw, so dividing into two teams starting with the group who can draw,  I gave them ideas on drawing a landscape which we would paint later,    with the others it was back to stickmen, squares and various shapes, so they could get used to drawing.  We had an early coffee break , then the watercolour paints made their entrance and so did a few surprised frowns from the newbies.    They drew a little landscape whilst I set the old group up with the paints and a few hints and left them to get on with it,
    Back to the newbies to start them on clouds and landscapes.   They all had a painting to take home and lots of enthusiasm.   With a “cry of see you next week” the room emptied, I was left shattered but happy, where did that two hours go, now is the time to think about next week…….

     Sandra Strait 

    Your art class sounds wonderful! I suspect it will continue to grow as word gets around.

     Tao Barry 

    Thank you so much Sandra for your encouraging comments


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