• Hi,I bought an inexpensive fountain pen and this works better than what I was using….do people use ballpoint?pen? I saw zebra pens both in fountain and ballpoint on a site.

    Hi Karen, I am having trouble figuring out where you made this post. I am assuming you are asking about tangling but I could be wrong. It you are asking about tangling – any kind of pen works just great. Whatever you are used to will be fine. Zebra does sell both fountain pens and ballpoints, I prefer their Technical Pens. They are under brands > Zensations > technical pens. I do have one friend who tangles with fountain pens and she uses the Zebra ones. Just find a pen you are comfortable and it will be fine. If you want to add color over it – any kind of wet media – make sure your pen is a permanent, waterproof one.

    Thanks Alice, I thought I posted in art supply reviews, I’m not sure. I was asking about it for pen n wash work in watercolor. Like Urban sketching.

    Sorry, Karen, I was out of town last week and didn’t see this until now.  The Zebra Pen Fountain pens are not waterproof so would only be good for line and wash if you used them afterward.  With any fountain pen, the ink would need to be waterproof in order to draw before painting.  I’m not aware of any ball point pens that are waterproof, either, though there may be some.

    The Zebra Zensations Technical pen that Alice mentions is my favorite for line and wash, and I use them for all my animal Postcards.  Not all technical pens are strong enough for watercolor paper (and some watercolor paper is too rough for any fiber tip), but I’ve had good look with the Zensations.

    Thanks Sandra, are the zensations pens waterproof? I like to do the color and then do the pen lines, it helps me work looser.

    Karen, the Zensations Technical Pens are waterproof.  The other Zensations products are not.  But if you adding the lines after the color any of them should work.

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