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  • In hopes of finding more art friends, I’m here to share my stuff. All student grade paints in a Meeden tin, both Winsor Newton Cotman and Shinhan. I tend to lean toward big brushes, no explanation really except they feel good. Princeton Neptune rounds #16 and #10, 3/8″ dagger and, quills #6 and #4. The 1/2″ flat is Royal and Langnickel while the Deerfoot stippler (cut from a #10 round) and other #16 round is a no-name brand from Amazon.

    All in all, it’s hard to contain my excitement in finding this hub. I look forward to sharing my growth and current undeniable love for watercolor.

    Hi Dwayne! Your brushes look great and I’ve heard great things about the Princeton Neptunes!

    I started out with a set of Cotmans as well. I also got a set of 10 super cheap (the set cost less than 1 tube of Cotman, that cheap) pink brushes, and two jumbo pads of Daler Rowney Aquafine paper, all from Amazon, all of them at bargain prices (to my inexperienced mind).

    If I have any advice for people just starting out, it’s to get as decent a paper as you can afford. The Daler Rowney Aquafine paper is just not good at all. And a set of 10 cheap brushes can’t compare with 2-3 even slightly better ones. Cheap supplies don’t always mean you’re getting a bargain, sometimes they’re cheap for a reason!

    Morning Hels,

    I definitely thought I could overcome the quality of tools when I first started (not that long ago) but after trying the Neptune #16 the rest is history. I initially thought my hand wasn’t steady enough to achieve fine lines with the larger, most comfortable brushes. Even as synthetic, I wouldn’t recommend anything else. I guess I’m a fanboy, to say the least.

    As far as paper goes, I’ve been bouncing around but have yet to have any real issues. Of course, the cheapest I’ve had an opportunity to use is the Canson XL and it does my amateur work just fine, I think.


    I’ve got waaaay too many brushes, but my Princeton Neptune and Velvetouch are among my favorites.  I keep looking at the Elite with longing, but so far have talked myself out of buying one.  Because I have waaaaay too many brushes, lol.

    I have a couple old gravy jars full of cheap ones. The Neptunes are my first real upgrade.

    Dwayne – Canson XL is a lot better than the DR aquafine paper, no question there. That’s a very nice range you’ve got in your palette.


    Sandra – I have been trying to stop myself from brush shopping because I can see it going the same way as my paint hoarding buying. I replaced that useless set of brushes with a few new ones in some different brands and the only one I haven’t really cared for so far was a small and relatively inexpensive pure squirrel mop. It was just far floppier (and soppier) than I was expecting and I haven’t got the hang of using it at all. And it seems to “shed” too! Maybe that’s a characteristic of that type of brush, I don’t know. It remains largely unused, at any rate.

    I don’t think there is a mop brush ever made that doesn’t shed.  They are meant to be used mainly for washes and not a lot else, but I’d rather use a soft flat and avoid the shedding.

    I have found that there are times I want to use a stiffer brush – though seldom a really stiff one and other times softer.  I also get annoyed if I have to keep picking up water and color.  I’m lazy that way.  On the other hand, I discovered one of the reasons I kept getting blooms and washed-out color was because my brush held too much water or released it unevenly.  Sometimes, you think you just aren’t getting the hang of a technique and it IS your paper or brush or combination thereof.

    I’ve got the cheapies in jars, too.  They’re great for applying masking fluid and such.  I always try to keep them usable because I don’t like to waste anything, but I can use them with abandon knowing that if they are ruined, I haven’t lost too much.  I keep those to use as stirrers and scratchers.

    I read about the following trick for Mop brushes and followed suit: applied a bit of crazy glue to the very bottom parts of the bristles right next to the ferrule.  Can’t tell yet if it worked.  Crazy, right?

    I’ve heard that too, but then couldn’t find any of my mops to try it on.  Let me know how it works!

    Hi all


    just wondering what watercolor paints do you use? And why?

    im trying to determine which brand I should stick to long term.

    I use Winsor Newton Cotman and Shinhan.

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