Big Sale at Jerry's Artarama

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  • Today I got their email that says they’re having an overstock sale. I noticed some seriously good prices including one on their in house watercolor set, looks like Sennellier, maybe they are, made for Jerry’s? Also Pencil crayons etc. Just thought I’d put this up, not affiliated. ;o)

    Are you talking about the Turner watercolors? I thought those were Jerry’s house brand, but I may be mistaken.  Turners tube paints dry up into tiny, teeny nuggets in the pan.  I’ve only ever had Sennelier pan paints so I don’t know if their tube paints do that.

    Turner’s on super sale! Be still my heart. Almost all my paints are Turner’s and Sandra’s right. They shrink terribly in a pan, but I love the colors so much I can live with it.

    I have no idea WHICH brand is making their in house paint but it LOOKS like a sennelier box of 8 colors with the clear lid (which I always notice as it’s such a stupid design!! Looks cute as you can see the paint but USELESS as a mixing palette)

    I agree about the Sennelier packaging.  They must get a really good buy on those tins.  I can’t see why they’d use them otherwise!

    Hahaha, I never thought if it that way! You’re probably right.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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