Book Review: One Little Ghost

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  • One Little Ghost is the third in a series, following ‘One Little Mouse’ and ‘One Little Dog’.  It has the same layout as the first two, a unique blend of activity book and story book.

    Once again, the story follows a character – a friendly ghost, this time — who is looking for a friend and some help.

    The entire story is written in rhyme, and is lavishly illustrated.

    What is most unique about this series is that it encourages the reader to take up pen, pencil, marker or watercolor brush and draw IN the book.  Every other page has a prompt to draw something from the story, and a white space to draw it in.

    There is a place at the front of the book to test whatever tool you want to use and see if it goes through to the back of the paper.

    I used gel pen in the first book, and a watercolor marker in the second.  This time I went with colored pencil, technical pen, and light watercolor. I drew the images with pencil first. The paper took the pencil well, and allowed me to erase with no problem.

    My perfectly safe cider potion was drawn with technical pen and colored in with colored pencil.  My scary kitten was drawn with technical pen, and colored with watercolors.

    The paper is a bit smooth for colored pencil, but you can get layers, textures and good color, as you can see in these before and after scans.

    The paper held up well for all three, though it did get a bit wavy from the watercolor. It barely shows though unless you are looking for it.

    A delightful book for children and adults alike!

    There is a place at the front of the book to test out your drawing tool to make sure it won’t bleed through

    This series is fun, inspiring for the beginning artist and just awesome all around. You can find One Little Ghost on Amazon.



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