Color Testing and Selection

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    Excellent blog post and accompanying pdf about testing new colors to select a palette. By Roz Stendahl.

    Fantastic article!  Another site for me to follow, lol.


    I’ve taken a couple of online classes from Roz. She’s a fantastic artist and teacher.

    I really enjoyed the article, and I’ve signed on as a follower. Thanks.

    I’ll bet those were amazing classes!


    They were! I took her Design class and also her Drawing Practice Class. Both were loaded with content plus she provides amazing feedback.


    Glad you liked it, Susan. Her blogs are loaded with information.

    It looks like she has some fabulous articles on her blog, too.

    she’s who I looked to for choosing most of my palette. I also fell in love with PB60 because of her and tried Schmincke because of her. Her blog is a rabbit hole of information and one feels like Alice when she fell into wonderland. How to find the end, lol. Great resource

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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