Da Vinci Trios

  • There are a number of Doodlewash artists who have their own sets of Da Vinci Trios, a sampling kit chosen by each artist, including myself (click here to read my post about my trio) and our leader at Doodlewash, Charlie O’Shields (who published his launch here.)  They are $19.95, and each kit comes with a 3 8ml tubes of the Trio colors, mixing charts from each artist, and links to painting they’ve created with their Trio!

    I am nuts for Da Vinci Watercolors.  They are highly pigmented, creamy, and well-priced.  The savings I create by buying certain colors, like Quinacridone Gold, in 37ml tubes for a few dollars more than the 15ml tubes, is a huge boon to my pocketbook.  Made in the USA (California), I can’t recommend them enough.

    Yes, all of us get something in return for doing these promos, but understand, most of us — at least the artists I know personally — came to love Da Vinci paints, use them daily, and DV asked us to do this because of our enthusiasm.

    Jen, Tonya, and Denise, give us your blog post links below!

    So go visit the new launch!





    These sets are sooo tempting. Since I live outside of the US, it would make sense to by more than one set at a time, due to shipping costs. Does anyone feel like recommending 2 or 3 sets that together would make a nice balanced palette?

    It’s so cool that you got your own trio, Kate, and I love your choice of colors!

    Theses Da Vinci Trios look amazing. I really can’t wait to get them. In Europe is difficult to get them…


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