Da Vinci watercolors

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  • Oh that is a gorgeous color! It looks like a warm quin rose, similar to a quin red, or a light carmine on my screen.

    Charlie, do yours dry?  Mine seem to be staying wet… Like M.Graham.  I still like them, but won’t play on taking them anywhere…

    I think I have every Quin known to man except WN, and I didn’t have this color… It is the prettiest coral!

    Rose Dore is an interesting color.  One of the artists at the World Watercolor Group uses it with Cobalt Blue, Yellow Ochre and Cadmium Yellow and gets some beautiful effects.  If you mix all except the Cadmium Yellow and get just the right mix, you can get a spectacular dark, almost black.  I’ve only been able to get the right mix once so far – it’s going to take some practice.

    They are very similar to M Graham in that regard, but seem to dry just slightly more and don’t run as much. I’m just a sucker for vivid colors that rewet easily.

    Kate, I’ve just started playing around with DV, and so far, I’m completely smitten. I’ve been an M Graham lover for years, and DV is as bold as MG without the mess. They rewet very easily and dilute beautifully! I have noticed that some of the colors, when applied more thickly to paper, can appear to have a slight sheen to them. They dry well though. My guess is that they have a high amount of gum arabic that contributes to this? I’m still in the testing phase but have a full review scheduled for late this month.

    I love your Rose Dore example! I don’t have this color… yet. 😀 I don’t care for MG Quin Gold either. Not a pretty color and I have trouble with it in mixes.

    I am happy enough with my three test tubes to try more.  I thought of MG too when I was playing — deep color without the non-drying aspects.  I did not notice sheen in mine, but then I don’t apply thickly.  This is good to know.

    I’m not sure if you can see it in the photo, but this is their Arylide Yellow (PY97). Not applied that thickly (I usually work thin and in a lot of layers) and it’s still transparent which is great, but yeah, it does have this interesting shine to it.

    I can’t wait to get my set!

    I like the yellow, and see what you mean!

    Interesting.  Noted.

    Tonya, that is a beautiful yellow. What paper were you using?

    I love love love PY97. It’s the only regular yellow that I keep in my palette. 🙂 This was sketched in the Hanemühle Watercolour Book. It’s a dream sketchbook!

    My favorite yellow is Daniel Smith Quinophthalone Yellow (PY138).  Now I must compare!


Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 59 total)
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