Da Vinci watercolors

  • Oooh.  I am digging the DV version of Q. Gold.

    (I did that panicked buy all the PO49 thing this past month, but when I run out…)

    Do you have DS’s Quin Coral?

    If so, how does it compare against the Rose Dore?

    Elizabeth, I remember that seeing that convo … lots of interesting conversations at WetCanvas.  Bruce McEvoy’s a member (or was, don’t know if he still is), so he has added information there that isn’t at Handprint.

    Kate, I’m totally up for a meet.  I seldom go into Portland, but this would be a good excuse.  The next couple of months are pretty tied for me, but we could try to work something out.  Throw me some dates and we’ll see what might work.  Wednesday’s and week-ends are not good for me.  Let’s wait at least a week – this is my week to have that dang cold that is going the rounds.

    Tonya, Tacoma’s close but … only if you don’t mind spending more time in traffic than anything else.  I wish it would be easier to meet!


    Tonya, Elizabeth, I agree with both of you.  I think manufacturing paint is a lot like manufacturing cars.  Many companies use the same frames and lots of the same components.  But that doesn’t mean they all make the same car.  If Da Vinci does make American Journey paints, it doesn’t mean they make Da Vinci paints for Cheap Joes, just that they make the American Journey brand to Cheap Joe’s specifications.


    Clearly, the next feature we need Charlie to work on for the club is teleporter technology.

    /end Nerd


    In cosmetics, they call that black label.  Like, a little company has something made by a big company that owns the equipment and such, but the exact mix of ingredients is bespoke to that little company.  There’ll be some overlap in manufacturing methods, because the big company has a way of doing things, but the specific end products can be completely different in use and feel.

    That might be why AJ has the drydown sheen, but is still a different animal in a lot of other ways. 🙂

    GAH.  What is that AMAZING BLUE?

    :;readies the Shopping Cart Fingers of Buy Now::

    Added it to the list, but once I invent it… I can’t promise that I’ll return to implement it. I’m very easily distracted. 😉LOL

    Elizabeth, along with superpowers and decoder rings, maybe Charlie will give transporter trips for DO points.  He’s a miracle worker, isn’t he?


    I have to admit, Charlie, that having invented the Transporter (and become incredibly wealthy) the temptation would be to use it and just keep traveling!


    Alrighty last time I’ll post this in the DW forum so I won’t be labeled a spammer… but THIS was the thread I was looking for and never found so I posted this review elsewhere. Anyway, if anyone is curious, my in-depth DV review with some giveaways attached.

    Really ended up loving these paints. I paint a lot so I buy paints in the 37ml toothpaste tube, and price + performance has made Da Vinci & American Journey my number one brands. Highly recommend!

    It’s a great review.  I didn’t enter the giveaway because I already have a set and felt I should let someone else have the chance.  I was tempted, though!


    Tonya, your review is very helpful.

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