Da Vinci's Lapis Lazuli (gen.)?

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    I love my Da Vinci watercolours.

    I recently ordered DV’s Lapis Lazuli genuine, having wanting to try it for so long! The tube arrived yesterday and the paint inside was separated, so I had to give it a generous stir in the tube prior to testing it. I swatched it several times and was disappointed, as it’s looking like Davy’s Grey or Green Earth, and nothing like I thought it would! Hardly a tinge of blue in it at all.

    Does anyone else have Da Vinci’s genuine lapis lazuli, and if so, is this the way it’s supposed to look? (I’m assuming it’s not.) If not, I will contact the store where I ordered it and hopefully have it replaced. It’s not inexpensive.



    Sandra Strait

    Wow! That does look rather blah.  I don’t have this color and I’ll be interested to see what you discover because I’ve been looking at it.  I’m glad I didn’t buy it, but wish I could be of more help to you.


    Thanks Sandra. It’s blah indeed! I think I’ll send off an email to the supplier in any case and see what they say. It’s still really separated looking as well, so even if this is the correct colour (which I’m still thinking it’s not), the separation renders it nearly unusable. I’m thinking that it was either incorrectly labeled, has been sitting too long or subjected to high temps at some point. Something’s not right.


    Lapis is in the blue-grey family, and only the $$$ is the blue we think of… That said, Primatek (right) is much nicer than (though still can be in that grey-blue family) that and I would return it to them.  Seriously, not what we’d think of… I also purchased some of Jazper Stardust’s half-pan lapis and it is stunning, left.  I want to know what he is adding?  They all are quite matte…  Jazper ships ot Canada.




    Yeah, I wasn’t really expecting a vibrant blue, though. I’ve seen many a swatch of Daniel Smith’s lapis lazuli and though it’s quite weak, at least there is still some notable blue to it. This is basically green, grey and gross – though there may look like some blue because of the lighting in my pic, it’s really yellowy greenish. Also, it paints as a sticky mess.  :/ It still remains separated despite several frequent stirs in the tube.

    I let the online store know and they’ve refunded me, and I’ve sent them photos so they can send it along to their supplier.

    Thanks for showing Jazper’s lapis lazuli – wow, stunning.


    Beverly I can’t find a tube of Da Vinci Lapis Watercolors on their site, which is odd — and I’ve not seen anything like it… I put in a call to them and they’ll call me back, because they had not heard of it.  I wonder if it is a very old color?  That would explain the separation.  Anyway, I’ll let you know.

    DS’s Lapis is a staple for me for quick skies, because it granulates, is not too blue so can go grey and stormy or brighten a bit with cobalt teal or ultramarine.  I get a good wash and then drop in color and move it around.

    The first sky below was done with waterproof ink below, then the Lapis and others added on top… the second was a juicy was that I pushed around then added ultramarine…  I don’t want to spend time on skies so I need tricks!


    Sandra Strait

    Awesome paintings, Kate!

    Jennifer McLean

    Jerry’s Artarama says it’ll be back in stock in April. Who knows, but if you google the color it has spectacular swatches!


    BUT, Lapis is not on the davincipaints.com website nor do the employees know of a Lapis Lazuli watercolor… strange, yesh?

    Sandra Strait

    It is strange.  I wonder if it’s a special color, like their Paul Jackson range, and just not one that they promote any more, but that some places still carry.


    Here it is… the tube with label.

    I bought it from Studio Six, where I get a lot of my DV paints and they sent through my refund. I’ll use it to get a DS lapis! (Love your paintings, Kate!)


    Maybe Sandra.  Bev B found it on an art store site too… But not on Da Vinci.
    Thanks for the comments about sketches!


    Oops, I forgot to post an update. Studio Six refunded me, and told me they’d be letting their supplier know the tube was defective. I spent my refund on the Daniel Smith Lapis Lazuli genuine and it’s lovely! 🙂

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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