Daniel Smith "Palette Boxes"

  • After seeing many reviews from artists I respect, I concluded that DS made a big mistake when designing this product. The palette box is cheap and useless as a mixing palette. Especially ironic is the Liz Steele set – she’s known as an urban sketcher so one would assume this palette could be used outdoors. I contacted Liz about this, and she told me the artists picking the colors were not consulted with regard to the palette. I also emailed DS, and after a week, they have not replied. I used to buy their paints, but I doubt I will anymore. The company seems more interested in profits than producing products that are of practical use for artists.

    I have the ultimate mixing palette and I agree that the box isn’t so great. However, I still adore the paints and their quality. Fortunately, it hasn’t been an issue for me as it is winter and I haven’t ventured outside the studio yet.

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