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    So much talk springs up about PrimaTeks on so many other forum streams that I think we should start one here.  I use them all the time, and just published a post on Daniel Smith PrimaTeks — and the idea of the grainy ground stone watercolors.

    Next week I will publish Mayan colors…

    Sandra Strait

    Great idea!  I love the primetek colors, but hate the way they dry up in the palette.  I’ve been thinking about getting them as watercolor sticks.


    I wish my charts were as pretty as yours!


    I don’t have any trouble with them drying up in the palette, but I do have to hit them with more than a spritz — but then I do that anyhow — I use an eyedropper.


    Jenn, this is for you.  Bigger swatches of some PrimaTeks.  You can see how much clearer the Amazonite it.  Lapis is all over the place — sometimes bluer, sometimes greyer… Sleeping Beauty Turquoise has a muddy quality but is still quite beautiful.

    The other two are sparkly and I am not into that so hard for me to comment.  I have them, and sometimes use them for cars.



    These are all such amazing keepers.  Not a dud among them.  I tend to use the Diopside more in nature, and also have added Green Apatite (not shown in these because I had not bought it) and the others in my god/goddess images.

    I’ve taken a wet brush and run it backward after these sat for a bit so that I could see how they move after.


    I know some like Goethite more, but I am a Yavapei fan.  Probably has more to do with the what I am painting — the areas…


    My all time favorite is still Hematite for so many things.  Does nto sparkly, but does what some like about Moonstone.

    Minnesota Pipestone has been a disappointment — I have to make such a huge wash ot get a color out of it.

    Piemonite I take everywhere… wow it does a lot when mixed.

    Rhodonite can change color slightly as it dries… try it out first.


    But the really big news here is that I am dyslexic and spelling these is a huge pain for me — switching the sang letters around!  Be back today or tomorrow.  Love these groups.  Charlie are you listening?

    Sandra Strait

    I bought the Primatek set that DS sells in 5 ml tubes.  Except for the Piemontite, all of them dried up enough to loosen and rattle in the pans. Mayan Blue turned back into a rock – pretty much literally.  I can’t use them for carry because they fall out of the pans.  I’ve thought about trying a little glycerin, but felt that it would probably ruin the granulation.

    Jennifer McLean

    Fantastic post Kate. I want to start branching out into these soon. I think they add some real beauty to a painting.

    Jennifer McLean

    that;s a GREAT idea Sandra. First, they’ll not dry out, plus they’re cheaper as sticks, each more expensive color is sold for the same price as the cheaper colors, can you say SAVINGS??!

    Jennifer McLean

    LOL, Kate. I’m actually dyslexic too, although it was never diagnosed as a child. Thank GOD for spell check!!!

    Sandra Strait

    I have Moonglow in stick form and like it much better than trying to rewet the tube paints.  When you use a wet brush it loads up quite a bit of pigment, so it’s not so different from pan paints.  I don’t think Moonglow is one of the Primateks, so not sure that all of them would be that way.


    I don’t think Moonglow is one….

    Sandra I sure wish I knew why yours are loose and jostling around — I totally believe you, but can’t think what would be different from yours to mine and we live in the same city too!  I cover my tins with the paints for two reasons — AMAZING debris in an upholstery studio/NW Industrial Sanctuary plus cats licking paints.  I wonder if that keeps them just a bit moist?  Too moist and they’d mold, but the lid is just covering it.  I say talk to DS a bout it — but talk to a manager because the cust serv people are not all that savvy (my experience.)

    I am NOT fond of the Mayans… next week I’ll give a posting on those.  Dry, chalky, but they must have their lovers (I don’t want the duos or sparkles so to each his own.)  Not had rewetting problems, but just don’t get the hype.

    I think the sticks might be a great idea…. I want to try them but don’t need paint and so have not bothered.  Unfortunat3ely DS has not decided I am important enuf to test them!

    Sandra, yes must meet…  I have a slight cold so let’s wait to set a time.


    I was diagnosed by a relative when I was 34… she was a child psychologist and we were on vacation.  I think that I was read to so much as a kid it helped me cover it up.  My spelling is atrocious unless I am handwriting the words.

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