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  • All the PrimaTeks are amazing.   I need to try a stick form but I too don’t need anymore paint right now!

    Thomas, not needing paint is hardly a good reason!

    Jennifer, I went out and looked at the watercolor stick colors.  Unfortunately, it looks like only a couple of the primateks are in that form.  *sigh*

    Thank you for the links.  I’ve been looking around and I found Serpentine Genuine, too at JerrysArtarama.  http://www.jerrysartarama.com/daniel-smith-watercolor-sticks?gclid=CjwKCAjwu7LOBRBZEiwAQtfbGB-1VqThhQOLWPiSliOstFb9Z716esjDOh3ZhVNk2wG4Oo9VY2FoPhoCDtkQAvD_BwE

    I think that’s all there are, though I’m still looking.

    Cool.  I NEVER shop on DS’s website because they site is a monster.  They should have had every stick on their stick page?  Duh!  If they have Serpentine, plus Hematite and Peimontite, well there are some of the best color mixing colors!  I haven’t tried Sodalite for skies.  I use Lapis.



    I’ve found that JerrysArtarama often has products that I can’t find through Cheap Joes and other sites.  I’m not sure if they just stock more and have some left when others run out or what.

    I have to wait to buy these – I’ve more than used up my art budget for this month and October, lol.


    I understand… I have a rule for a time, no paints unless a tube runs out.

    I love the Yavapi, but it sometimes looks a little flat for me for some reason.  Maybe it’s the paper I’m using at the moment?

    Sicklerite, though.  Yum.  Cooler brown.  Good for northwest forests.  Have you tried it yet?

    Do you have Sodalite, Kate?

    If not, next time I’m in the big city, we should get together for a pan swap.  I’ll bring the collection. 🙂

    I don’t have Sodalite, and not sure about it as it looks greyer than Lapis.  I’d love to do a pan swap!

    I do have Sicklerite (fairly new so not in this line-up.)  I’ve not used it much because I’ve been painting posies.  It is such a gorgeous deep brown.

    Some like Goethite more… I’ve found Yavapei more versatile.  I think many of the non-gemstones can go flat — think about ocher… I’m often using it for a building or some such thing.  Versus sparkling Amazonite (not sparkly as in glittery but luminous) which is wonderful in water….

    Thanks for the information – love seeing the colors 🙂

    Geez, I missed all this from months ago! I hate that, it disappears off the main page and I forget to look beyond. Grrr. Maybe I can blame the dyslexia. I self diagnosed after watching a documentary. It really made sense after I realized how many symptoms I had including not being able to learn from textbooks. Too much work for my brain to switch all the words back and forth without the stimulation of a mystery or some-such. If too boring, I can’t read it and get anything from it.

    That green you swatched by itself, wow, seeing how it separated Kate, it’s amazing. I only have serpentine so far but I can see why you all love these. I like the idea of buying sticks and cutting them up and pressing them into pans. Such a great deal on the prices too compared to tubes. I also find myself falling in love with the names, lol.

    Jennifer, there’s been a lot of conversation about air and separation in the tubes of Daniel Smith lately.  The sticks kind of by-pass those problems which might be another reason to go that route.  As far as I can tell, in the pigments where I have both tube and stick (which admittedly is only 3-4 colors), they are the same in regards to pigment load and the way they handle.  I leave them in the stick form and just run the brush over them.  You can get special containers for them, which might get spendy if you were buying all your colors that way, but for a limited number, it isn’t bad.  http://www.merriartist.com/product-p/ds838-010-0001.htm

Viewing 14 posts - 16 through 29 (of 29 total)
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