Diary of My Art Group Week 5

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  • This week another newbie joined us and was thrown in at the deep end, As I had in  mind  that they were going to do a painting of  a Goldfinch with watercolour  pencils.    I thought a lot about how I was going to get them to do this by using a measure,  waking up a 4am with an idea (as you do )  I  did a dummy run on Wednesday and it worked, all I had to do was to make sure they understood  my instructions,   I gave them a small coloured picture of a goldfinch, plus a black and white photocopy, a piece of tracing paper and a ruler. also, some verbal instructions, with a few   frowns  and quite a lot of intakes of breath they started  next week they will continue with the colouring.  they did  not trace onto their art paper but drew by using measurements.   All went home happy with a lovely half-finished picture of a goldfinch. It was very interesting watching the intense faces as they worked carefully with the ruler    but a lot of laughs when checking against the original picture,             We are already talking about dates for next year.    My numbers are now up to nine and with  the space available I can only take one more,

    It’s wonderful that all is going so well with your classes.  Your students are lucky to have a teacher who cares and is able to give them the tools, both physical and mental, to help them achieve their artistic goals.

    Thank you so  much Sandra for your lovely comments

    That’s so awesome! Sounds like the classes are going wonderfully! And, best of all… with lots of fun! 🙂

    Thank you so  much Charlie for your lovely comments,  and I have just had a request to join,  so now I have reached my limit for this term.   I think…..

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