Diary of my Beginners Art Group term 2

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  • I am sorry to have been out of action for a while,
    with decorating and trying to downsize, which is a bit of a nightmare
    What does one keep???.
    My new term started last thursday I knew I was expecting 4 but one bailed out at the last minute but might return soon,  in walks a lady who I called her by a name,  she looked surprise and said no I am Anne and I hope you have room for me, we had a good class with plenty of laughs,
    Next week all should be back and the room will be full with 8 students
    I don’t think we have room for any more at  the moment unless I can get a larger room.    Nest week we will be playing with watercolour paints
    i.e. mixing colours and playing with salt etc.
    I also hope to have time to get back to painting for me soon,  but I do have a problem with my right hand.

    Glad to have you back even to say hello! It sounds like you’re having a great time with your classes but I hope your hand gets better so you can do more painting for yourself.  It just isn’t the same when you are doing it for others.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments,

    you are right about not painting for oneself

    now I am on the hunt for the salt


    Aww here’s hoping your hand gets better soon and you can paint for yourself. But so amazing that you’re inspiring others in classes. And double yay for plenty of laughs… I would LOVE to attend those! 😍

    Thank you so much Charlie for your lovely comments

    anytime you are passing through Reading UK.  you would be very welcome

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