Diary of my New Years art group 2020

    Yesterday  was the first day of my second newbies art class, after wondering all through the Christmas period whether I would get any inquires about the class,  I really thought that no one was interested, I had been round the area that I posted the flyers in and they were still where I posted them.  On Saturday we a note through the letter box about joining a Next-Door  neighbourhood scheme it sounded very interesting,  so I signed to join, and I put my new class details on the site.  Within an hour I had an enquiry  and four more within 24hours, sending the details by emails I thought there was hope I might get one or two newbies,  by Wednesday Yesterday I had possibly three new members coming. I thought we are going to take off,
    Today most of my last year’s students returned and we started on the drawing of the daffodil bulbs and then I gave them all a piece of ginger root.  I had an hour’s rest in which to resort the morning paperwork and get for my newbies,  first arrival was 10 minutes early, which was nice because it meant I wasn’t sitting waiting and wondering.  by 1pm I had 8 newbies, taking a deep breath we started with the drawing of stickmen and doodle,   it went well, and all said see you next week.  So, I think I can give myself  little pat on the back.  My husband came to collect me, and his face was quite a picture as he peered through the window,

    Finding a good way to promote what you are offering is half the battle.  You know you are delivering good content by the number of returning students.  I’m so glad you found a venue that gets the word out to those who want your classes!

    Thank you very much Sandra for your lovely comments

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