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     Tao Barry 

    Diary of  week three
    My! how the time flies!  I cannot believe we have just had our third week,
    Today  was  absolute chaos, when I arrived at the centre to set up
    I was told it had been double booked and I would have to use a small room not quite as light  but we had no choice,  by the time they had put tables and chairs my student were arriving including two newbies,  there was me surrounded with my boxes of equipment and nowhere to put anything.   All my good intentions about setting up for a play with paint went out of the window but  bluffing my way through I handed out plenty of different size papers, so everyone had the same paper to experiment on.  Placing some large palettes and the three primary colours in each we started.  First starting with blue and lots of water we did wet in wet  plus salt for effects,   whilst they were playing,  I was trying to get some sort of order for the next  thing to do.  I hate being disorganised at the best of times,   let alone in front of  7 students .   I did have however have  plenty of exercise in bending because everything I touched decided to fly out of my hands landing under the table 😣. After a while of mayhem, the room was covered in damp pieces of paper covered with all sorts of colours.  But there were a lot of coos and wows as colours merged and change.    So, I think this morning in spite of everything went well and all said see you next week.    So, it can’t be all bad can it? lots of fun but exhausting.   See you all next week.😂

     Charlie O’Shields 

    Exhausting, maybe, but sounds perfectly magical and like everything went as it should! 😉

     Tao Barry 

    Thank you so much Charlie for taking the time to read and place a lovely comment

     Sandra Strait 

    A little bit of chaos can be fun! I’ll bet the students remember everything they learned in this class because they weren’t able to fall into their usual state of mind.

     Tao Barry 

    Thank you so much Sandra for your lovely comments

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