DIY Travel Palettes

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  • Hi Sharon, I think even if it’s a small space, it’s a travel palette so one doesn’t expect to have a lot of space. On the other hand, if you’re using it as a studio palette (I DIY’d a smaller QOR tin) then you can use a porcelain palette. It washes so well and never stains. This is the one I have…

    hehehe, yup. We’re addicts. It took me a long time to get over the mixing of brands. Finally I just had to push through it and decide to allow my perfectionistic streak take over when it comes to evenness and color order. I could rearrange a palette all day, seriously. LOL.

    You must be in a drier area. I have a good friend in Australia, Wynnum, Brisbane specifically and she can’t even get the paint to dry on the PAGE let alone in the pan, lol. Too much humidity and the paint just stays flowy. I find in British Columbia, Canada, it’s really humid sometimes and the honey just doesn’t dry totally, always stays tacky. Greatpaint though

    Oh yeah, Brisbane is more northerly and is subject to more tropical conditions, so I can well understand the difficulty getting a honey-based paint to dry there. I’m in Perth, so on the opposite side of the country and quite a long way south of where Brisbane is. It’s much drier here and not as hot as Brisbane 🙂

    Jenn, yours unhinges?  or did you unhinge it?

    Wisteria is in there, and I have mixed feelings about Potter’s pink–it looks so MAUVE!

    This is a seriously cool tin, Daniel.  I’ve looked at some of the tobacco tins on Ebay, but they’re always too expensive.  I’ll have to broaden my search because I think they’d be awesome for a palette.

    Ooh, missed this before.  I do get lost in these threads sometimes.  Good to know.

    Oh, I SO know what you mean! 😂😂 I have way too many also😂😂😂


    Angela All the Primateks change slightly from tube to tube, because they are simply ground mineral.  Lapis is a bit of a grey blue, and makes gorgeous skies.

    Look at the sky without lapis:

    Below lapis added with a bit of color dropped in here and there.

    I use magnetic tape and cut it to size for the pans.  The sticky on the tape does seem to hold pretty well.  I’ve had a couple of pans fall off, but there haven’t been many.


    The one dead center is Amazonite.  The one next to it is M. Graham Cobalt Teal, fairly opaque, not my favorite but I haven’t swapped it out yet…

    I DO love making palettes… and think I need to change things up again.  Palettes, studio shots, definitely paint porn and yup, better than porn!

    I have a bit of silver and a bit of gold (DS) but really, I have no use for iridescent.  I hate how it reproduces too…. Occasionally I use it in a deity painting but I use Wink’s or Pitt pens.

    I’ve only used Sennelier pans so I’m not sure how they compare to the M Graham honey-wise and staying moist in the pan.  Kate and I live fairly close and have had different experiences, so M Graham is very sensitive to the climate.  And, of course, personal preference comes in to play. Some people might think the paint is too sticky and others think it’s perfect and they’re exactly the same.


Viewing 15 posts - 151 through 165 (of 278 total)
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