DIY Travel Palettes

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  • Sharon, I have several pieces of acrylic plexiglass and I often take one of those along for mixing.  It can also be used as a surface for single sheets of watercolor paper, and you can just mix your colors in the area between the paper and the edge of the plexiglass.  If I really want to stay with the tins, I make sure to take one that I’ve painted with enamel so I can use the lid for mixing or I just mix on the paper.

    Qor has two types of tin.  The first sets came with a larger hinged tin, and the second series of sets came in a smaller unhinged tin.

    There is also a difference in the back of the larger tins.  Some sets have non-skid tabs in each cornere, and some don’t.

    Ooh, Kate! Beautiful work!

    We may have to form some kind of support group, lol!

    There’s been some discussion about using the Hahnemühle YouTangle and Postcard tins for palettes, so I thought I’d post some comparison photos (and casually mention that I’m currently holding a giveaway for one of the YouTangle tins It ends 10/15/17. International entries welcome).

    I used a Lukas Watercolor pan set for comparison – it is marginally longer, a bit wider and a bit thinner than the Da Vinci watercolor set.   I didn’t have that set with me, or I would have used it for this (and for those interested, this is the Jubilee edition cover of the postcard set).

    Here you can see the heights.  The Lukas set doesn’t have a folding wing so it is thinner than most watercolor palette tins.  The Postcard tin is taller than an Altoids tin.

    Kate already posted some photos of the postcard tin with pans, so I’ll just post one for the YouTangle. tin.  I can squeeze (sqeeeeeze) 25 half-pans into it.  I haven’t used up my tiles yet, so I haven’t adapted one for real yet.

    I’ve got several tins ready to be made into palettes but now I need to buy more empty pans.  It never ends, I tell you — well, yes, it does.  When the wallet empties, lol.

    I got enthusiastic and bought five of them.  I wish I hadn’t because I hardly ever use them, and I could have used the money for something more interesting.

    YAY, you’re just spoiling me! When you’re done tell us all about the change with pictures. So yummy, now I don’t even need cookies. Maybe popcorn for the paint movie. Hehehehe

    you mean iridescence? which colors? I strayed away thinking that they don’t really show up except on black. Am I right?

    Now that I’m gonna be giving away DIY tins I get to make them up and not hoard keep them. It’s the best of both worlds. I have half pans on order too then put magnets on them! YAY DIY!!

    I’ve always really wanted potter’s pink but never could justify the price for a half pan. I’ll have to add that to my list 🙂

    Ooh! A DIY tin giveaway.  AWEsome!


    Yes.  Irisdescent colors.  They don’t necessarily show up on black.  What they do is add a sheen and a slight change of color to a painting.  Sometimes, you get that effect where the color changes in different lights.  I do like having a bit of it for things like the sheen on a bird’s wing or a shell.  But if I were to redo my purchase, I’d just get a pearl and leave it at that.

    Kate, it wasn’t hinged in the first place.QOR redid their tins and moved to a smaller size so I think (don’t quote me, I only bought the 6 so not sure) both the 6 and 12 five ml set or QOR have that size tin. It was worth the price just for the great tin. Really strong, lid with the divits can really effectively be a mixing palette, holds a boat load of paint, even if you did full pans you’d get like 25 colors in!! I intend to give samples out of the QOR as I just don’t use them. I think lots of people want to still they the QOR but the rep they have isn’t as good as it should be. I think they just work a little different than normal watercolors.

    There is a Potter’s Pink in the Limited Edtion Schmincke set.


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