DIY Travel Palettes

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    Ooh, I love these kate, great style. I love the use of white space.

    There are several Qor colors that I use all the time.  I have a good selection because I found some at half price and bought all I could find.  I’m like Daniel, and like having all one brand together (though I have a couple of tins specifically set up for color not brand).  The one thing I’m missing with my Qor set is Phthalo Blue, but I have that in three other brands so I’m torn.  Really don’t need to buy another one!

    When I get around to making up a dot card for you, I’ll through on some of the iridescents so you can give them a try.


    I have the hinged kind, which is why I hate it.  If you try to use the wells for mixing, it will flip the watercolor everywhere!

    Since I use these larger ones at home, I prop an old book or something underneath the lid so it will lie flat.  Still a pain, so I find I don’t use it too often.


    i think i may pull them apart

    That would work, lol.  Might have to use a band or something to hold them together.  Didn’t someone on this site use the cuff off an old sock to do that.  Or maybe I saw that somewhere else.

    Im in!😂😂😂

    I’m in too!

    I have the Youtangle to review now… and so, tins!

    Who’s going to monitor the palette addicts and keep us from buying more. I don’t volunteer for that – I’m too busy buying tins, lol.

    Yay! More YouTangle reviews! If you get it done before my giveaway ends, I’ll mention it on the giveaway page.

    Love this idea! I haven’t made any mini-palettes, but I have some. I can’t wait to make some! ❤️

    I hope you’ll share what you have.  I love to see what kind of tins people have come up with.

Viewing 15 posts - 181 through 195 (of 278 total)
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