DIY Travel Palettes

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  • Oh I forgot to mention, I got the Muir Woods chocolate tin at Marin Headlands national recreation area in San Francisco. It’s so pretty there, had a great hike with friends and got to see whales for the first time in the wild! I had been to Muir Woods on a previous trip and I really loved the tin so I went for it! The chocolate turned out to be good too! 🙂

    The green tea tin from Trader Joe’s has a clear plastic window that I spray painted white.

    I think Pioneer Woman has the Tesla tin on her site where you can just get singles. She has some fun stuff on there! I got some plastic wrap dispensers for family for Christmas presents that I saw while I was there — they look awesome.

    Thank you! I’ll look in both of those places.

    I’m not sure it would.  I’ve put it on my wish list – with Christmas coming up, someone might buy it for me.  I did pick up a tin off ebay for $2.71 and free shipping.  It will take forever to get here and doesn’t have a pretty painting on it.  The price goes up dramatically for those paintings.  I decided I’ll put my own painting on this.

    Hey, Sandra. Can you share a link for this nifty little thing? Thanks!

    Have I started another way for people to spend money, lol?

    But of course! 🙂

    Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the DIY Palette thread, I post in it again!  I was window shopping at Walmart and happened across these magnetic buttons.  “Oh my!” says I, “those puppies are thick!”

    Now I wasn’t insulting their intelligence (though I suspect it isn’t great).  I know that Altoids tins, and other similar ones are bit deep for using as DIY travel palettes.  It was $5.97 USD for 52 magnets or less if you bought a smaller number of them.  There were also larger square ones.

    So I bought a set.  Of course, I did.

    I tried them in a tin that I bought at dollar tree, which held cotton swabs.  I looked there for the magnets too, but didn’t find any. I’d recommend checking though if you are interested.  Some stores might have them.

    The magnets don’t have a sticky side like magnetic tape, but I used 2-sided tape on the pans, and they now sit almost flush with  bottom edge of the tin.   For comparison, the pan at the back corner doesn’t have a magnet beneath it.

    Really great idea, Sandra! I think these might make the tins rather heavy, but it’s a great solution for the depth of those pans. Thanks for sharing!

    Tonya, I thought the magnets might add too much weight, also, but they don’t add an appreciable amount.  One good thing about the extra weight they do add, is that they make the tin a little more stable. This one doesn’t tend to scoot as much when I’m jabbing my brush into it.

    I should amend my reply about the magnet weights.  For a Altoids-sized tin, the extra weight isn’t much.  When you use them for something like the Hahnemuhle tin, they do add quite a bit of weight if you use enough to cover the entire surface.

    I get ya with the scooting around thing. I tried to leave my pans loose one time so I could change them out easily, and my brush constantly picked them up and flung them into outer space. Obviously, I didn’t think that idea through very well. 😀 Weight can be a good thing!

    I absolutely love the colors of her tins. I just can’t pay that for a lovely turquoise tin. I probably would give the paint away so $32 plus shipping to canada is out of the question, sadly. WHY don’t other manufacturers do COLORS!??!!

    Great find and idea.

    Maybe if we, here at Doodlewash, say it often enough, the companies will hear us and get colorful!

Viewing 15 posts - 226 through 240 (of 278 total)
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