DIY Travel Palettes

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  • Thank you again, Sharon!

    OMG, Sandra, Wouldn’t that be AWESOME?? I always think, what does it matter WHAT color they choose to use, why always black, why not choose a new color every year or when they run out of the color, change it. That would get people who bought one color to buy again because they want the next color. That’s a THING (don’t we know it, hehehe)

    Yes! It is definitely a thing! And we should probably hope the companies don’t realize it because we’d never get out of debt!

    We’ve discussed using the Hahnemühle Youtangle.Art Tile Tins for travel palettes.  I took one of mine, sprayed the inside lid with white enamel, glued down 15 full pans (using two-sided Micracle tape that stays sticky, but does allow you to pry the pans loose.  It just seems to get stickier when it gets when it gets wet), and brushed Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground on the top of the lid.

    Then I painted it.

    This is the second Hahnemühle Youtangle.Art Tile Tin that I’ve converted to a DIY Traveling Palette. I’m not quite out of the paper tiles yet, but I’ll need to buy another one of these soon.

    What a smart and lovely idea, Sandra! I have some DS watercolour ground – I should give that a try. I have a Hahnemühle postcard tin I could try it on. 🙂

    Sandra the painted tins are the best…

    Thank you, Beverly! Hahnemuhle has a new watercolor postcard with a different texture coming out soon.  I’m wondering if the the lids to those will be painted.


    Kate, did you see that there is a new Hahnemuhle watercolor postcard with a different texture coming out soon, as well as two new watercolor papers – Expression and Harmony? They are debuting at the Creativeworld convention, which I think was this week-end.

    That’s good to know about the new Hahnemuhle postcard  paper coming out. Can’t say I’m a huge fan of the “striation-like” texture of the ones I got recently (I don’t like how the paint flows on it, but that’s just me, as I like painting in detail). I’ll definitely check out the new texture when it comes out.

    I’ve been using the postcards almost daily as I do a painting to put into my hubby’s lunch bag each work day.  I like them because it is so easy to lift color, so when I’m in a hurry and mess up, I can easily fix it.  But I find I’m getting too used to that and I don’t want it to be my style, so I’m thrilled at the idea of a different texture.  I can’t find the release I saw, but I got the impression it will be a cold press.

    Sandra, these are amazing! Have you tried using the watercolor ground on anything else? If this would allow me to paint watercolor on a variety of surfaces, I will have to get some IMMEDIATELY! 🙂

    I have used them on other things but it has been quite a while.  I’m trying to remember – I’m pretty sure I’ve used it on wood.  I’ve used it in art journaling when the paper hasn’t been good for watercolor – it comes in a transparent version too, so you can get some interesting effects with that.  I’ve also used it on paintings that I hated so I could repaint.

    You can get different textures, depending on how you put it on.  I like to use a sponge brush and tap all over to get a slightly rough but even texture.

    Thank you, Sandra. I’m really excited about trying this. I’ll look and see if there are other brands also. It would be worth using it just to reuse or repurpose paper — I’ve always wanted to paint on brown grocery bags. ha! 🙂

    Actually, I’m not sure that Daniel Smith makes the ground any more since they quit carrying art supplies in general but I’ve seen it for sale so it’s still around one way or the other.  Golden also does grounds – watercolor, pastel, etc. I’ve never tried any of those because I already had the Daniel Smith and I don’t use it all that often.

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