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    Tonya L

    I have a feeling that a lot of companies make these mediums… possibly even DV. I always ask the knowledgeable staff at my local art store and they always bring out things I’ve never even heard of. Great way to learn! Thanks again!

    Mary Roff

    I love all of the upcycled travel palettes…and, who doesn’t love a WC palette?  And, this may seem like a very strange question…. how do you keep the tins from getting rusted?  Down here in the humid state of FL all you have to do is get a drop of water near an Altoids tin and it rusts.   Are you spraying the entire tin with enamel, inside and out?

    Sandra Strait

    Mary, it isn’t really a problem here in Oregon.  Oh, the tin might eventually rust, especially if it gets dented, but I don’t expect it to.  I think if you enameled the sides of the tin you wouldn’t be able to close it properly and the enamel would wear off.  Unfortunately, most products, like carnuba wax, that are designed to prevent rust would contaminate your paints.

    My suspicion is that using tins like as watercolor palettes wouldn’t work in Florida unless you can find one that is stainless steel.

    Hopefully, someone else in the group will have an idea that I’m not familiar with.



    Sandra is right about Oregon, which is really moist but not hot humid.  I have 40-year-old tins that have not rusted, though some of my cookie tins did.

    Anyone tried this case for Jet pens:

    Sandra Strait

    I haven’t tried that pen case, but it looks pretty cool!  I have an old colored pencil case that is very similar – I’ve enameled and put ground on it but haven’t painted the lid yet.


    I love what you do but haven’t the patience!  So tin it is!  I thot to try this one as the size is nice.

    Sandra Strait

    It doesn’t take too much patience because I’ve collected the tins for a while, and spray the enamel and then add the ground to all of them at once, so it’s quick.  Then I just paint them as the mood (+time and space) allows. I’ve got three more ready for painting whenever.

    Jennifer McLean

    Kate, I’ve tried a double decker one and shown how it can be made into a huge palette. I think, with all your wonderful paints, this tin might be perfect for you!Here’s a review showing how many pans you can get into it. (  get it HERE.


    That makes sense Sandra!


    xoxo Buying one as I speak!


    xoxo Buying one as I speak!

    Gads Jenn, Canada is so much more than the USA!  I am so sorry!

    Sandra Strait

    I like to check Ebay for metal pill cases ever so often and found these cuties for $1.67 & Free Shipping.  It takes a while for them to arrive, you don’t get to choose which images you get and I found the edges on the lid to be a bit sharp.

    On the other hand, both fit in mine and I have small hands, so if you are looking for truly mini paint palettes, these might be a good choice.  They are about the same size as a mini-altoids tin, just a tiny bit shorter length-wise.

    The mirror’d inside lid could be enamel sprayed if you wished.  It comes with nice size plastic inserts…

    In this shot, I put a full pan and a couple of half pans so you could see how they compare.  It would be easy enough to remove the plastic insert if you wanted to add your own pans. I didn’t want to do that for fear of breaking the inserts, and I don’t think you’d be able to fit any more standard pans by doing it.  It might be worthwhile if you have the Woodward & Father or Art Tool Kit type pans though.

    The one other downside is that the middle divider is lower than the sides of the case, so when filling them, care must be taken that the colors won’t run together.  The cases would need to be kept flat once paints were moist, but I find that to be the case with almost any palette.


    Those are so cute!

    Sandra Strait

    I had kind of hoped that I would get one of the owls that they had, but I agree, these are cute.

    Pamela Smith

    They are adorable,I’m sad you didn’t get an owl,it’s only fitting that you should,please share a pic of them when you add paint…

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