DIY Travel Palettes

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    Jennifer McLean

    yep, that’s my go to cleaner-upper (for palettes that is, lol)


    Jennifer McLean

    had NO idea you could use it on paper!! Cool!

    Sandra Strait

    I’ve re-purposed a couple of the Qor Introductory tins.  This one, I used Amazing Casting Resin to seal in some whole pans in the shape of a color wheel.  I’ve used up most of the paint from the original set and haven’t decided what I put in next.

    Re-purpose Qor tin with whole pans

    The other tin is the smaller size without a hinge, and I decided to fancy up the lid.  I used acrylic for because I wanted to get more of a sandy texture.  This time I bought some empty pans and cut strips of magnetic tape to hold them in the tin. I use this palette for my seascape paintings.

    Qor Tin with Painted Lid


    I have a painted ladies (Victorian homes) palette from a makeup tin:



    The palette, and paints when mixed with a bit of white…

    The palette and when I mix a bit of white...

    Sandra Strait

    Ooh! That looks like an interesting tin.  And some interesting colors.  What are the colors in the bottom row.  They look yummy!

    Sandra Strait

    Thank you! Holbein does have some interesting colors!


    But my mainstay travel tins are two pans that I made my own with my favorite (current) travel colors.  The larger pan is mostly Daniel Smith colors, and a Holbien Quin Gold… I have swapped out the two Primatek colors now for others because of my second tin.I prefer it for making skin tones.  The second are my use-them-all-the-time Daniel Smith Primateks.  Primatek names next…


    My favorite Daniel Smith Primatek paints.

    Sandra Strait

    Great colors!  The only thing I don’t like about the Primateks is that they dry out so much in the palette, and I have difficulty getting them to rewet sometimes.  They’re one of the few paints that I prefer to use fresh from the tube (I tend to be a watercolor pan enthusiast).


    And my changing larger pan.  I keep my full pan (preferred) holders in place with blue tack.


    How many have several travel palettes?  Shore, Painted Ladies, City?  Or do you change out the tins to suit where you are going?


    I spritz the whoel palette when I am ready to paint then use and eyedropper in my pans… seems to work well.  I am also a pan person.


    My QoR tin lifts when I use the mixing side — unbalanced!  ARGH!  Doesn’t yours?  Nice idea the wheel… Looks like your seascape palette and my Paitned ladies palette have a lot of the same paints!

    Sandra Strait

    My tin of Daniel Smith Primateks and Iridescents.  The tin is one that I got at Dollar Tree.  It originally held cotton swabs, so I didn’t even have to wash out the residue from candy.  Didn’t have to stop myself from eating the candy, either, so that’s a plus!

    Primatek and Iridescents

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 278 total)
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