DIY Travel Palettes

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  • I’m always on the lookout for something to turn into a palette.  I currently have 5 tins (edited: make that six.  I forgot my seaside palette) that I’m using, plus about 11 plastic ones from over the years.  I also have one of Mijello’s Bulletproof glass palettes that is pretty nifty but too large to really be a good travel palette.

    This is my main travel palette with a mix of Winsor & Newton half-pans, M Graham and Daniel Smith tube paints.  I think it’s a Meeden tin, but I’ve forgotten (it’s fairly early here and I haven’t had my coffee yet!).

    Then I have a mini-Altoids that only holds 4 pans, and one from a Skinny Girl candy tin, with a sliding lid.  It requires a plastic insert so I’m not sure I’ll keep that one.

    I like fancying up the lids, but haven’t had the time to do all of them.  I have one of CheapJoe’s Travel palettes coming (I won it in one of the World Watercolor Group giveaways) and I looking for another of these Hangman game tins.  I found one in a yard sale for cheap but ending up repainting it and giving it as a gift.  I want another one for a travel palette, but don’t want to pay the $8-10 dollars that they cost new (  They’re about 6 x 6 inches if I remember correctly.

    The larger Qor tins with a hinged lid did lift when I used the mixing side, but after I used the resin to seal in my pans it was weighted enough that it doesn’t anymore.  The bad thing about using the resin is that you can’t lift the pans out, but on the other hand, they don’t move at all and they don’t fall out, which I’ve had happen even when using two-sided or magnetic tape.

    Great colors, nice palette!

    Ooh, there are some seriously pretty colors there! What brand of paint is your favorite? Also, if the  bottom of your tin is relatively flat, you can glue magnets to the bottom of each pan and they then stick on the metal. That’s what I did in my home made palette

    customized palette using magnets to hold pans

    primateks are on my list to get. I only have serpentine genuine now


    HaHa, you found my secret to water! I never know why those little yellow water holders aren’t more popular and used. I have two and use them to rewet my paint every time. It makes them juicy and easy to use. I used to spritz but found that it also left droplets of paint everywhere. I used the same small qor tin too. Makes a fantastic palette!

    My god I love looking at other artist’s palettes. I think I have a sickness. ;o)

    Yup Madeen tin. I recognize it as one is sitting beside me! I bought it not knowing they didn’t roll the edges, I don’t like how “flimsy” it feels, and without the rolled edge it “tilts” the way pressed metal can when not stabilized. I’m giving mine away to a friend in the next week.

    I totally understand your palette love. If I had more money I’d have a dozen! FYI, WetPaint IS coming out with a new 2017 “square” schmincke custom palette again after the spectacular sellout earlier this year. I have the list of colors and I’m gonna get one. I’ll be posting about it soon, they sent me a schminckke dot card and I’m awaiting it’s arrival to swatch colors. gotta research the colors to post about them. ;o)

    I had to get one of those special botanical set Schminke sets after Jennifer reviewed it here.   I loved the share and mixing areas available.

    Lucky you Thomas! I missed that botanical set, it sold out So fast! I’m on the list for THIS new one though and have the inside skinny on what’s in it. Hehehehe. ;o)  They’ll be taking preorders soon!

    Oooh I can’t wait to see/hear about it!  I’m a pallet junkie so I’ll probably order it too.

    I missed the window on that but dang woman, you are not helping me to restrain my purchases!

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