DIY Travel Palettes

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  • I know, I’m terrible but this palette is rare! a “square” palette doesn’t happen often. I can’t wait to swatch the colors they’re sending me!

    if you do PLEASE tell them I sent you? They don’t have an affiliate program but I want them to know I care about their product and I’m trying to forge a relationship. Ill be posting about this palette soon.

    Where is this custom palette sold? I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford it, but I’d definitely like to know about it – and if I do buy, I’ll definitely let Schminke know that you sent me.

    I may switch the paints in my Medeen and in my small Qor around – I like the set up you have, Jennifer!  Even though you get more mixing area, I don’t like the fold out piece.  I often paint where I don’t have much space to lay things out, and I like to keep my palette area on the small side.

    I have the feeling we are all enabling each other to buy art supplies that we ‘need’ – as in want with a deep, throbbing desire, but not because we don’t have enough supplies already!


    the custom set is done with They partner with Schmincke every year or so to bring customers  a custom palette with twelve watercolor paints. This year the one they made sold out in truly record time. Usually it takes a year or two to sell them out but this year, early April, they came out with the RARE “square” palette that holds three lines of paint so officially 18 half pans (unofficially you can get one  more in each row as I’m sure you’ve learned with palettes!). That botanical set sold out in a month or so!! They decided to do ANOTHER this year, out in October. It should sell for the same price as this spring, about $65 for square palette and 12 half pans of schmincke watercolors! Yes, the paint is almost FREE. I’ll post soon with the watercolor paint line up but the dot card has to arrive so I can swatch. :o) It’s a great palette and I totally feel you’re “can’t afford it”. Neither can I, seriously. But I’m gonna get it anyway as I’m afraid the “square” palette may not be available for another ten years like  the last time they brought it out!

    Hope I’m replying to right thread.  By the time I scroll down to write my reply, I half forget what I was thinking and who I was responding too, lol .  $65 isn’t too bad for 18 paints.  Bad enough, but I’ll have to see if I can swing it.  Schminke is one of the brands I don’t have yet, and I’ve wanted to try it.  This would be a good set.  Maybe if enough of us who do reviews are able to get it, we could do a hop sort of thing where we send our readers to each others blog.  That should help get the companies attention too.  Do you know who distributes Schminke (I think I’m misspelling that) in your country?  I’ve found that often if you want to get product for review, it is the distributing companies who are looking for reviewers rather than the company who makes the product.

    you and I seem very similar. ;o) Spooky. Yes, I only have a small amount of space and NO studio. Oh what I’d give to have my own studio! In fact, I’ll be reviewing toned sketchbooks from at least four main suppliers who’ve gotten back to me. In those I’m going to draw up my dream art studio from a bird’s eye view. I can’t wait to try the new Nova Stillman & Birn paper. I keep my palette as small as possible too because I just don’t have enough real-estate. I made up the qor specifically because I could remove the lid and put it on the bottom of the palette. Then I use a porcelain palette so it washes up perfectly. The qor fits on top of that porcelain palette. Then water in my masterson water well and it all fits in a 2.5 x 1.5 foot space. Let me go find the link for the porcelain

    porcelain paletteI LOVE this, I sit the Qor palette (the one that the lid comes off) over the three part back and it overhangs the middle a little. So I have four wells plus more than half of the center. I put water in opposing corners of the four wells and 3-8 puddles in the main middle depending on how many colors I need. I use that yellow water holder that you have in your qor now. It’s awesome with the masterson water rinse well. here’s the link.

    The rinse well is my most coveted thing, I cannot imagine painting without it. I never have to go get more water!

    yup, totally! Seriously though, I could buy something on my wish list for weeks without duplicating anything.. does not apply to palettes, LOL. ;o)

    I’m going to have to join Wetpaint and keep my eye out!

    Hmmm, interesting. Oh, first, the schmincke comes with 12 colors which works out to about $2 per 1/2 pan, normal price is over $10. which paints do you use now? Schmincke, in my opinion are the best on the market, them and Daniel smith. Everyone else is more opaque, more opacifiers. I know many love Sennellier (Misspelled, lol) and M. Graham but I just find they’re drying time in and out of the pan annoying. And I’m in Canada where it’s fairly dry, I’ve heard in Australia and the like you just cannot use them as the honey doesn’t dry. I do love some of their colors though and have two or three of them, MG and S.

    I think a bloghop would be fun! I am just working now to monitize my site. I am upgrading to hosted wordpress so I can seamlessly be an amazon associate. I agree with your supposition about who is the supplier in one’s own country but thank god suppliers so far have not been prejudiced against me in Canada. Stillman & Birn, Hahnemühle, Strathmore, Global arts and probably Canson will be sending paper samples and didn’t care about the canadian thing but I think it would be wonderful to have a connection to Schmincke. I’m hoping that everyone who buys a custom set from wet paint will mention that I sent them. They don’t have an affiliate program but I would love to build a relationship as I love their policies and customer service. I’d love to be an ambassador for them.

    No idea if this is THE supplier, but it’s one…

    I would definitely participate in the schmincke blog hop. Wonder if we could get sponsorship from paper companies and do giveaways? Just a thought.

    My studio is the living room in front of the TV set, lol.  Not sure I’d actually go sit in a studio, but it would be nice to have a better place to store things.  I’m hoping to get some of the new Nova series from Stillman & Birn, but haven’t heard from Michael yet.  I was just accepted by Zebra pens as a ‘Zensations Ambassador’ so I should be getting something from them soon.  Sometimes, it’s almost too much to keep up with.  I love it!

    When I think I’m going to be mixing a lot of paint, I have some ice trays with lids, and I use one of those for my palette.  They don’t completely seal between compartments so they aren’t good for travel.   Or I use this homemade palette that I created from a plastic brush holder.  I bought some porcelain mini-ramekins and sealed them in with resin (I was on a design team for a Amazing Casting resin, so I kept coming up with ways to use it with my other supplies, lol).  It’s another palette where I don’t store paint, I just use it for special projects where I know I’ll be mixing lots of specific colors.

    They’ll be taking preorders soon. I’ll put the link in my blogpost when it  goes live.Just gotta make sure they’re taking them first… and get the dot card! Too many things are on their way and stuck in the mail!!!

    I know what you mean about all the stuff happening. It seems when it rains, it pours. I’m just trying to keep my head above water and get my new website up. I’ll be upgrading to a website that hosts two blogs, one for the books, one for the art. I didn’t want to upgrade as I lose all my stats for the las t seven years but at least I can migrate my content. That is if I can figure out how to do all this! There aren’t enough hours in the day!

    I don’t have a favorite brand per se.  I’ve found that there are certain colors that I like in each brand so I’ve got a mix.  In tube paints, I’m heavy on the M Graham side because I do like many of their colors, and since they are a local company in Oregon, their paint is usually $3 or $4 cheaper than the other brands.  Unless the brand has something that REALLY makes it stand out, I’m likely to go with M Graham for that reason if no other.

    In pan paints, I haven’t tried many of the professional brands – I’ve got the usual suspects in the student line – Cotman, Yarka, even Koi.   But I’ve only tried Sennelier and Winsor & Newton in the professional grade so far.  Price has kept me from expanding my list, but it will only delay not stop. I will prevail in trying every brand under the sun – even if I have to live to be 1000 years old!

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