DIY Travel Palettes

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  • I totally hear you on getting good paint at a good price. I use tubes pretty much exclusively too so anytime I’m talking about 1/2 pans it’s from a tube I fill (not including the 12 half pans I got in my original schmincke palette years ago).

    In Oragon I’m betting the honey doesn’t as much have a problem, BC is much like  Seattle, are you still that wet or does being one state down make a great difference? With the humidity, we get “bad hair days” regularly, lol. I move around brands for color too but my experience has kept me mostly in Daniel smith and Schmincke. I find W&N just a little less bright an shiny, I like shiny things. ;o) They have some nice colors though and I’m newly in love with their burnt sienna as it’s transparent!!!

    Not enough hours in the day-especially since I’ve been spending so much time on Doodlewash, lol!  I’m supposed to be working on a project that I find frustrating, and I’m doing this instead.  I’m hoping if I take a break, I’ll come back the project with renewed enthusiasm.


    yep totally hear you. I’m playing hooky from installing and learning wordpress. I’m so confused with the host and installation etc and getting domains and subdomains right I could scream. and I’m NOT computer illiterate! HOW do most people do this!??

    Oregon is much like Seattle weather-wise, but with a degree less rain.  We still grow webs between our toes so we can paddle better.  If anything the M Graham doesn’t dry out enough and keeps some of the ‘tacky’ texture you get right from the tube.  As with all the brands, there are exceptions.  Their Gamboge dries too hard, which is a pain because it is a beautiful color.

    More and more, I’m drawn to single pigment colors.  It’s just easier when you mix to avoid mud.  Not that I avoid it.  Sometimes, I think I’m possessed and have to have every color in a mix.  My brush just keeps dipping itself into more and more colors!

    I think it’s just what you’re used to.  I’m trying to write a book with lots of illustrations through Createspace and the only landscape size they have is too small, and Word keeps throwing my jpgs all over the place.  When I started getting pains in my jaw from gritting them so hard, I knew I had to step away…slowly!

    ooh, that sounds awful, Is this in the one with the hinged lid?

    those are some gorgeous mixed colors! Have you added potter’s pink and the new wisteria?

    LOL, I haven’t moved beyond fruit!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL. *rolls eyes*

    do the irridescnts really work? How are they on grey or black paper? I’ve never seen actual art done with them.

    Hahahahahaha!!! Ok, totally laughing at that. ME TOO. I make mud all the time. I’m starting to chuck colors I usually would have loved because of the mud they make in mixes… I’m looking at YOU daniel smith sap green!! I look for single pigment AND transparent. I lean toward transparent even heavier than I do single pigment. On that thought I’m giddy when I find a new color that’s one I’d use that’s transparent AND a single color. I still have to check the primatek’s for transparency.

    It’s taking all my might to start to NOT mix too much. I am trying to find a balance, which is forcing me to learn my colors to the extent that Jane Blundell, the paint guru on the web, lol. I have to know whats in th paint, how transparent etc to know whether to use it as a mixer. I tend to use a color and “tweak” it, not truly mix my own colors, until recently.

    Ok, so here’s my question.. how do you become an ambassador to a company? I’m dying to know.

    Hahaaha, you’re just making me laugh today. I so hear you about the frustration. Good on you for writing a book! That’s on my bucket list.I know thetre’s a mystery in me but I’ve got to pry that character and story out of me… gotta stop being so busy first.

    In this case, it is a program that Zebra pens is doing to promote their new Zensations line. They are putting out calligraphy pens, fountain pens, fineliners and more.  I do ballpoint pen drawings using their Zebra Z-Grips (I don’t know if you noticed the cat on the heading to my blog – that was one of the ballpoint drawings).   Whenever I use a product exclusively, I always post the result on the company’s Facebook page or @ them on Twitter.  That’s how I’ve got most of my relationships going.  When I posted the cat, Zebra looked over my FB page and then asked me to be an ambassador.

    I’m writing a how-to on my Fantasy Landscapes and then plan to start up a Facebook group.  I doubt I’ll make much, but it might bring in a little.  I thought I’d be able to use what I’ve already do, but I’m having to re-format everything.


    thanks for that. That’s what I haven’t known or done yet. I tag my art but I have to tell them I did it, lol. That’ll really help.

    Ohh, hard to do, reformat. When I made my moo business cards I had to rescan and size everything too. I’m so used to Blogger that it’s hard to switch. I’ve also never been professionally hosted. I can do html but all the other stuff is above me. Having learning after you’ve learned it is wonderful but actually acquiring that learning can be PAINFUL, lol. (and frustrating!!)

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